McGlennon Scholars Program

The McGlennon Scholars program is designed to provide Junior and Senior Government majors with significant scholarship support in order to foster their undergraduate study under the guidance of a faculty member of the Department.  Made possible by an endowment gift from an alumnus who chooses to remain anonymous, the Scholarship will provide funding on an annual basis for up to four students, generally two Juniors (renewable for a second year) and two Seniors. 

Applicants must be declared majors in Government, but need not have any particular area of specialization within the Department.  Scholarship recipients will be selected on the basis of a) their academic record; b)  extracurricular activity, internship or community service and other accomplishments noted on a resume; and c) a personal statement indicating how the scholarship will allow them to enhance their education in Government. Applicants are encouraged to describe an Honors project, independent research experience, special course of study or other enrichment to their academic program which will be possible due to the Scholarship funding

Each recipient will be expected to produce a final report or project which will be supervised by a faculty member and presented at the end of the academic year. The final report should convey to a general audience the outcome of the student's experience.  Examples would include an honors thesis, a research paper conducted for an independent study, a media presentation of the research, a blog documenting the progression of the experience and/or other tangible evidence of the project.  This report will be available publicly.

The applicant should also identify two Government Department faculty members who can serve as references, and should indicate which faculty member (who may, but need not be, one of the references) the student would like to advise the project.  Given demands on faculty schedules, the Department cannot guarantee that the student's requested supervisor will be assigned to the project.

In the initial year (2010-11), the Scholarship will be for an amount between $2500 and $5000.  When the endowment is fully funded over the next few years, there will be four annual scholarships of $10,000 each starting in academic year 2013-14.

Due Date:  Applications, .docx .pdf,  are due in the Government Department office (Morton 10) by 5pm on April 15, 2014.

Requirements:  Applicants must submit :

  • Cover Sheet

  • Current Resume

  • Statement of Purpose (described above)

  • Current Transcript [Banner version acceptable]