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Courses in Latin American Studies

LAS Fall 2014 Schedule of Courses

Please note that any courses not cited as cross-listed with LAS are already in our catalogue and will already count for LAS credit. If you have any questions, please feel free to make an appointment to talk with Betsy Konefal [[bokone]] about your spring schedule.

ANTH 470 Alcohol and Culture (Smith) M 15:30-18:20; WSHGTN 107

ARTH 465 Cities of the Hispanic World, 1492-1821 (Peláez) W 2-4:50; ANDREWS 207

FMST 330 Projecting Latin America (Stock) M 3:30-5:50, BLOW 331

FMST 401 Fernando Perez & Cuba (Stock) W 4-6:50; MILLINGTON 230

HISP 150W Freshman Seminar, Love and the Political Imagination (Longo) MW 3-4:20; WASHINGTON 306

GOVT 403.02  Seminar: Latin America (Norman) MW 15:30-16:50; MORTON 4

HISP 207.02 Cross-Cultural Perspectives [Latin American Focus] (staff) MWF 15:00-15:50 WSHGTN 305

HISP 281 Intro to Hispanic Studies (Riofrio, Arries) TR 14:00-15:20; BLOW 331

HISP 290  The Empire of the Spectacle, 1500-1700 (Terukina) TR 12:30-13:50; WSHGTN 302

[pre-requisite: HISP 281]

HISP 374.01 Imagining the Spanish Transatlantic Empire (Terukina) TR 14:00-15:20; WSHGTN 301

[one HISP course numbered between 290 and 360, or consent of instructor]

HISP 391: Masterworks (Longo) TH 12:30-1:50; WASHINGTON 301

HISP 489 Librotraficantes & Interview Research (Arries) R 12:30-13:50 MLLNTN 211 [one HISP course numbered between 290 and 360, or consent of instructor]

HIST / LAS 131 Latin American History to 1824 (Prado) MW 3:30-4:50; BLAIR 229

HIST 132 / LAS 132 Latin American History (Independence to Modern) (Konefal); TR 12:30-13:50; JBLAIR 205

HIST/LAS 300.01  Histories of the Modern Caribbean (Turits) TR 9:30-10:50; WREN 301

HIST 311.03 State Violence, Human Rights and the Politics of Remembering in Latin America (Konefal) T 17:00-19:50 JBLAIR 205

HIST 311.06 / LAS 390.01  U.S. Interventions in Latin America and the World (Turits) TR 8:00-9:20; JBLAIR 201

LAS 350.01 Latin American Cultures (Iyanaga, Riofrio) MW 3:30-4:50; WREN 2

PBHL 410 SOMOS Community Health in the Dominican Republic (Aday) Thurs 5-8pm, cross listed in SOCL, CMST, AMST; TUCKER 310

PBHL 410 MANOS Community Health in Nicaragua (Aday) MW 5-8pm, cross-listed in SOCL, CMST, AMST; TUCKER 110

SOCL 337.01 Immigration, Assimilation & Ethnicity (Gosin) MWF 10:00-10:50; MORTON 203

SOCL 494W Research in Immigration Studies (Mendez) MW 2-3:20, selected topics, by permission.  Meets MWR for LAS.; MORTON 238


*** For registration: please check the college schedules against these courses because room designations and times may be subject to change.