Leslie   Waters

Visiting Assistant Professor, History

Office: Blair 302
Email: [[lmwaters]]
Regional Areas of Research: Modern Europe and Russia
Thematic Areas of Research: Borders and Borderlands, Social and Labor

Leslie M. Waters received her Ph.D. in History from UCLA in 2012. Her teaching and research interests include borders and borderlands, migration, nationalism, social history, and transnational history. She offers courses on modern Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, and nationalism. Her work examines the social and political upheaval that coincides with border changes, focusing in particular on the Hungarian-Slovak borderland in the mid-twentieth century. She is currently working on a book manuscript entitled, “Identity Politics and Territorial Change in the Slovak-Hungarian Borderlands, 1938-1948,” which traces this region’s succession of border changes and population exchanges orchestrated by the Czechoslovak and Hungarian governments.