Track in East Asian Studies

Required Courses for EAS Track

Advanced Language Courses: Lines 2 and 3

Two courses beyond the 202-level in one East Asian language; or 202-level proficiency in two languages (two East Asian languages or one East Asian language and another language from the AMES region, e.g. Arabic). Students have the option of fulfilling the language requirement in an AMES regional language not taught at the College (for example, Korean), but must demonstrated proficiency through accredited academic courses taken domestically or abroad. See the courses that are specific to East Asian Studies for a full listing of the Advanced Language Courses.

Mandatory Foundational Courses: Lines 4-7

a. Line 4: History (choose one):

  • HIST 141:  Survey of East Asian Civilization to 1600
  • HIST 142:  Survey of East Asian Civilization since 1600

b. Line 5: Anthropology & Politics (choose one):

  • ANTH 342: Peoples and Cultures of East Asia
  • GOVT 336: Governments and Politics of China and Japan

c. Line 6: Religion & the Arts (choose one):

  • RELG 215: History of Religion in East Asia
  • ARTH 255: Art of East Asia
  • CHIN 309: Survey of Chinese Literature in English 
  • CHIN 322: Twentieth Century Chinese Literature (in English translation)
  • JAPN 209: Classical Japanese Literature in Translation 
  • JAPN 210: Modern and Contemporary Japanese Literature in Translation 
  • THEA 333: South & South East Asian Folklore Performance 
  • THEA 334: History and Performance of Classical Asian Theatres

d. Line 7: One additional course from a, b, or c above

Electives: Lines 8-11
12 credits from courses that are specific to East Asian Studies


Concentrators choosing the East Asian Studies track who wish to minor in Chinese Language and Literature (offered by the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures) will be allowed to apply up to 12 additional credit hours in Chinese Language and Literature beyond the current 48 credit hours limit in the major.