William & Mary

Fahad   Bishara

Assistant Professor, History

Office: Blair 348
Email: fabishara@wm.edu
Regional Areas of Research: Ancient to Modern Africa, Middle East and Indian Ocean
Thematic Areas of Research: Comparative and Transnational, Diaspora and Migration , Economic History and Capitalism, Legal


Fahad Ahmad Bishara received his PhD from Duke University in 2012 and subsequently held a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University’s Center for History and Economics. He specializes in the history of law and capitalism in the Indian Ocean and Islamic world. His current book manuscript is a legal history of economic life in the Western Indian Ocean, told through the story of the Arab and Indian settlement and commercialization of East Africa during the nineteenth century, a period of emerging modern capitalism in the region, and the transformations in Islamic law that accompanied it. Fahad’s teaching and research interests include Indian Ocean history, Middle Eastern history, legal history, and the history of global capitalism.