Stuart Hamilton

Associate Research Professor of Geology

Office : Center for Geospatial Analysis, Swem Library
Email : [[sehamilton]]
Office Phone : 757-221-2304

  • University of Southern Mississippi, Ph.D., Geography (GIS),  2011
  • State University of New York at Buffalo, M.A., Geography (GIS), 2003
  • Canterbury Christ Church University, B.S., Geography, Social Science, 1996
Research Interests

Research into livelihood options and food security issues related to mangrove deforestation continues as my major research track. The Bulletin of Marine Science has accepted a paper on the global levels of mangrove to aquaculture conversion. I am also examining the role of aquaculture in Ecuadorian mangrove regions, as it pertains to global climate change. My mangrove livelihood research has just been accepted by the Spanish language journal Bosque. Currently I have two major research goals: examining how local populations have resisted mangrove deforestation and utilizing lidar to examine agricultural runoff into local waterways. I will be presenting the findings of my research into food security and development issues related to the transition from mangrove forest to aquaculture at GLP 2014 in Berlin.

Current Projects
  • Water Quality and Residential Property Values: A Natural Experiment Approach.
  • Does Aquaculture Displace Mangrove Forests?
  • How Community Organizations, Local Fisherfolk, and Civil Society are Regenerating Ecuador's Mangrove Habitats.

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Selected Publications

Stuart E. Hamilton

Hamilton, S. & S. Collins (2013) Las respuestas a los medios de subsistencia deforestación de los manglares en las provincias del norte de Ecuador. Bosque 34(2).Link

Hamilton, S. (2013) Assessing the Role of Commercial Aquaculture in Displacing Mangrove Forest. Bulletin of Marine Science 89(2) 585-601. Feature article for quaterly issue. Link

Hamilton, S. (2012)^ The commodification of Ecuador's estuary environments from 1970 - 2006. Proceedings of the 30th International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association, Toward a Third Century of Independence in Latin America. Link

Hindsley, P., S.E. Hamilton & A. Morgan (2012) Gulf Views: Toward a Better Understanding of Viewshed Scope in Hedonic Property Models. Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics. Link

Hamilton, S. E. & C. Stankwitz (2012) Examining the relationship between international aid and mangrove deforestation in coastal Ecuador from 1970 to 2006. Journal of Land Use Science. Link

Hamilton, S.E. (2011) Quantifying mangrove deforestation in Ecuador's northern estuaries since the advent of commercial aquaculture. ISME / GLOMIS, 9, 1-3. Link

Morgan, A. & S. Hamilton (2011) Disentangling Access and View Amenities in Access-restricted Coastal Residential Communities. Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics, 43, 2 157-166. Link

Hamilton, S. E. & A. Morgan (2010) Integrating lidar, GIS and hedonic price modeling to measure amenity values in urban beach residential property markets. Computers Environment and Urban Systems, 34, 133-141. Link

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Houser, C., S. Hamilton, K. Meyer-Arendt & J. Oravetz (2007) EOF Analysis of Morphological Response to Hurricane Ivan. In Proceedings of the Sixth International Symposium on Coastal Engineering and Science of Coastal Sediment Process, eds. N. C. Kraus & J. D. Rosati, 76-76. New Orleans, Louisiana: ASCE. Link

  • GIS for Earth and Environmental Science III (ENSP 204) 
  • GIS for Earth and Environmental Science II (GEOL 204) 
  • GIS for Earth and Environmental Science (INTR 204) 
  • Spatial Analysis (MSCI 698) 
  • GIS Internship I (ENSP 490) 
  • GIS Independent Research I (ENSP 498) 
  • GIS Independent Research (INTR 498) 
  • GIS Internship (INTR 490)