The Lakes of Titan

Planetary geologist Ellen Stofan returned to her alma mater in April and talked up a storm - not your usual storm, but an incredibly cold tempest in which liquid methane takes the place of rainwater, which falls on water frozen literally hard as rock.

A Diabase Dog

The storied history of Geology's diabase plaque: a curious rock plaque depicting Snoopy, the famed Peanuts cartoon character, flanked by the mysterious Latin words, "Dolor Magnus!"

Traversing the Colorado Plateau

Every Spring Semester, William & Mary's Geology department offers just that with the ever-popular course "Geology 310 - Regional Field Geology." The day after graduation, 27 students and Professor Chuck Bailey headed west from Williamsburg.

A Meeting to Remember

In early October, over 9,000 earth scientists descended on Houston, Texas for the Geological Society of America's annual meeting. William & Mary's Geology department was well represented by past and current students and a core of faculty.

Senior Research Adventures in the Piedmont & Blue Ridge

The Geology Department has a long tradition of communal field trips that bring together students, from experienced seniors to freshmen in their first geology class, and faculty for a weekend of exploration and learning. And this spring's trip may start a new tradition...

Geology on Wheels

College students volunteer their precious free time to visit neighboring elementary schools with a red wagon in tow, piled high with lesson materials from rocks and minerals to Virginia's fossils to geology as a career.