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W&M Geology Department 50th anniversary celebration

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Christine Turner ('71), Tracy Whitesell ('90), Hope Huntington ('71), and Trudy Phelps ('71) guarding a fracture plane.

Selected alumni updates from the 2011 newsletter:


Paul McLeod ('79) -- Currently teaching high school physics at Culver Military Academy in culver, Indiana. I spent last summer in Paris, France studying art and architecture. Oo la la!

Keith DeLong ('85) -- Teaching Earth Science at Point Loma High School in San Diego. Coaching Cross Country and Track & Field at Point Loma High School as well.

Martin Balinsky ('92) -- I started a job full-time as an earth science and geology assistant professor at Tallahassee Community College in Fall 2010. My wife and I were in Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia during Christmas break. During this time I was able to observe the amazing Colombian Cordillera, the Altiplano, and Lake Titicaca, all of which are fantastic features of the Andean subduction zone!

Theresa McReynolds Shebalin ('99) -- I recently finished my PhD in archaeology at the University of North Carolina. My dissertation research used soil chemistry data to identify activity areas at an early 19th-century Catawba Indian town in South Carolina. I’m currently teaching middle school science at a private school in Durham, NC. During the summer, I divide my time between running archaeology camps for middle- and high- school students and teachers and helping my husband with his timber farm in western Tennessee.

Catherine Shirvell Belgarde ('04) -- I’m currently starting my 4th year at Exxon Mobil in Houston, TX- I can’t believe how time has gone by! Last year was an eventful one. I married fellow geologist, Ben Belgarde, in August, and we traveled to New Zealand in November for our honeymoon. New Zealand has it all- glaciers, volcanoes, caves, jade! Hope all is well in the ‘burg- I think of you often!

Hallie Street ('07) -- I am still working as a student researcher at the Smithsonian’s natural history museum, helping various curators by photographing specimens for the museum’s digital collection and entering information to the Paleobiology Database. I was recently accepted to the University of Alberta biological sciences doctoral program where I will continue my studies of marine reptiles with a project focusing on mosasaurs. I look forward to starting classes again in the fall after spending some quality time in the field in Wyoming this summer.


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