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Not a Major?

Cinema is a global, cultural phenomenon. Every film made is a product of and statement about the culture in which it was produced. Students exploring Modern Languages and Literature, American Studies, English, and Literary and Cultural Studies often find that coursework in Film Studies adds depth and additional insights to their studies.

Several courses offered by Film Studies allow students interested in film to explore the subject while also satisfying degree requirements.  The Introduction to Film Studies course may be taken as a freshman seminar to fulfill the Freshman Writing Requirement.  General Education Requirements (GERs) may also be satisfied by taking courses listed below:

  •     FILM 250. Introduction to Film Studies (GER5)
  •     FILM 251. World Cinema Before TV (GER5)
  •     FILM 306. Video Production (GER6)

Occasionally, additional Film Studies courses may satisfy GER requirements.  W&M students can look for current offerings through Blackboard.