William and Mary

Minoring in Film Studies

The minor requires a minimum of 18 credit hours, distributed as follows:

I. Nine credit hours in required courses:

  • FILM 150W or 250 (4 credits). "Introduction to Film Studies."
  • FILM 251 (3 credits). "World Cinema Before TV (1895-1955)."
  • FILM 306 (2 credits). "Motion Picture Production Workshop" OR one course chosen from the following: ART 211 or 212; ENG 206 or 306; MUS 201 or 320; THEA 151/151W, 206, 301, 303, 317, 318.

II. Nine credit hours in elective courses, taken after consultation with a member of the Advisory Committee. Courses might include the following:

  • ANTH 348: Japanese Values through Literature and Film
  • FILM 350: Documentary
  • FREN 310: French Cinema (taught in French)
  • HS 417: Hispanic Cinema (taught in Spanish)
  • MUS 375: Music and Film
  • RUS 309: Russian Cinema (in English Translation)
  • FILM 480: Independent Study
  • FILM 498: Internship
  • Special topics courses as appropriate.

Note: No more than two courses from the department or program in which the student majors may be counted toward the Film Studies minor. For students majoring in interdisciplinary programs, no more than two courses being counted toward the major may be counted toward the Film minor as well.