Majoring in Film Studies

The Film Studies major is actually a "concentration" within the Literary and Cultural Studies major. The LCST Program's website is very useful, and if you become an LCST Film Studies major you should familiarize yourself with it. Here is the immediately relevant information about the Film Studies major:

Film Studies requires successful completion of a minimum of 36 credits. Of these, no more than 11 credit hours can be in courses numbered below 300 (including the required courses, FILM 150/250 and FILM 251). The distribution of courses is as follows:

  • Fulfillment of the requirements for the Film minor (18 credits).

  • Completion of LCST 302 and FILM 401 (6-7 credits).

  • A minimum of 12 additional credits chosen in consultation with a member of the Film Studies Advisory Committee to form a coherent program of study. These classes may consist entirely of additional elective courses on film but can also include courses in such departments as American Studies, Anthropology, English, History, Modern Languages and Literatures, and Philosophy (or, indeed, many others) that add significantly to the student's understanding of the social and cultural contexts in which this twentieth-century art form has been produced.


  • LCST 401 can also be counted toward requirement # 1 if the seminar is predominantly concerned with film. In those cases when LCST 401 is counted toward requirement # 1, requirement # 3 changes from a minimum of 12 to 15 additional credits.

  • Any additional courses taken in Literary and Cultural Studies, such as a special topics course (LCST 351) or an additional upper-level seminar (LCST 401), automatically count toward the major.

  • A student who satisfies all requirements for the major in Literary and Cultural Studies also satisfies the Major Writing Requirement.

  • The Computing Proficiency Requirement is satisfied by successful completion of LCST 301.

  • English majors may include Literary and Cultural Studies 201 and 301 in the first 36 credits of their major program, but must explicitly alert the Registrar's Office that they wish these courses to count toward their English major.

  • Majors are encouraged to take an Independent Study (LCST 481). Students with the appropriate qualifications can also pursue Honors in Literary and Cultural Studies: once their proposal is approved by an advisor and by the Program Director, they will be enrolled during their senior year in LCST 495 and 496.

A Special Note on Language Requirements

Not every program of study completed under the LCST Film Studies major will require the advanced knowledge of another language that is necessary in order to take most upper-level courses in the departments of Classical Studies or Modern Languages and Literatures. However, students are strongly urged to take at least one upper-level course in a foreign language, if it is in any way appropriate to their program of study. Film is, after all, an international medium. Moreover, knowledge of at least one foreign language not only facilitates the comparative sort of inquiry that is central to Literary and Cultural Studies, it is also a prerequisite of graduate-level study in every literary discipline, including English.