Student Films

  • 24 Speed
    24 Speed
    Every spring, students and other members of the Williamsburg community gather to compete in a film contest. The goal? Write, shoot and edit a short film in 24 hours.
  • Film 306 -- Film Production
    Film 306 -- Film Production
    Students produce short videos in a workshop-style course, focusing on everything from the idea stage through editing. Hands-on involvement in the production process allows students to experience the collaborative nature of production.
  • Swem Media Center
    Swem Media Center
    The multimedia center offers students a wide range of resources for filmmaking, including state-of-the-art computers, recording equipment, and soundproof rooms.

Although Film Studies is primarily focused on the analysis of literary and cultural elements in film, students are also provided many resources and opportuntities to hone their filmmaking skills.