Student Resources

Quick Links
  • Swem Library's Film Studies Subject Guide This is an ever-evolving portal that will help guide you into research in FMST at Swem. And definitely make friends with Swem's terrifically helpful librarians, too, who can help you in person at the reference desk or via a number of media, like text chatting via Swem's website.
  • Swem Media Center This is central HQ for making all kinds of media – and especially motion picture and audio – on campus.
  • Writing Resources Center Writing is at the heart of a William and Mary education and of the FMST major and minor (and most non-written productions start with writing! a script, an outline, careful notes). The WRC, located in Swem, is a vital resource for writers of all levels and types.
  • Internet Movie Database A good, crowd-created resource for basic production information on many movies from the start of cinema in 1895 and from around the world.
Student Organizations
  • Student filmmaking and screening clubs come and go with each passing year. Keep your eyes peeled for the Film Club of William & Mary and the Student Film Society, both interested in production, and William & Mary Classic Movie Club, William & Mary Art House Cinema Club, and Eyes Wide Open to Film, all sponsoring screenings. Facebook is often a good place to look for these folks, and others like them, and if any of them make websites, we will link them here.
  • WCWM 90.9 FM: William and Mary Radio. WCWM is the student-run (and only) radio station from the College of William & Mary. They broadcast through south-eastern Virginia on 90.9FM and through the world online. The station has a noncommercial educational license and broadcasts music of all styles and in a variety of show formats.
  • W&M Television. Responsible for managing and overseeing student television productions, broadcasting student productions on the Campus Cable System, and managing the Student Television Studio and equipment.
  • Bullet Quarterly. This is a creative nonfiction testament to individuality through the written word and photography. Bullet gives students a medium to tell their stories on a safe and candid platform. All pieces are anonymous, so students can express themselves without being fettered by identity; instead identities are constructed by the content and the connection made with the reader. Published twice per semester.
  • Comparative Humanities Undergraduate Journal of the College of William & Mary. This student-run academic journal provides an outlet for undergraduate students in the humanities to have their work published. The papers presented are in conversation with one or more of the following interdisciplinary academic fields: cultural studies, critical theory, comparative literature, gender studies, media studies, film studies, sociology, and English literature. Works that could be critically examined by authors include literature, film, television, video games, photography, and other cultural texts.