Committee on Academic Status

The Committee on Academic Status (CAS) meets weekly during the academic year and every other week all summer so that the petitions which keep rolling in year round can be heard in a timely fashion. In recent years the committee has dealt with about 1,400 petitions annually, although some of the routine ones are handled in the Dean of Students Office according to principles developed by the committee. This committee has a strict quorum requirement because of legal issues, and all faculty members are almost always there.

Meetings last from 1 to 2 hours weekly, and the continuance meetings that occur once a semester are substantially longer than that. The Committee on Academic Status consists of six elected faculty members, the Dean of Students, the Dean of Undergraduate Studies, and the Registrar. The elected members shall be elected for terms of three years, two terms expiring annually. After the election of new members, CAS shall elect its chair from among the elected members.