Carey  Bagdassarian

Senior Lecturer, Interdisciplinary Studies

Office: Integrated Science Center 1058
Email: [[ckbagd]]
Office Phone: 757 221 2556

Areas of Interest

With a background in equilibrium and nonequilibrium statistical mechanics, I’ve worked as a theoretician in the fields of molecular self-assembly, crystal-growth dynamics, protein motors, enzyme inhibitor design, enzyme dynamics, complex systems theory, and ecosystem science and food-web dynamics. But along the way I’ve carried an overarching fascination with metaphor, story, art, and the human necessity of creating meaning. Lately I’ve been thinking deeply (I hope) about what the late physicist David Bohm called the “tacit implicit infrastructure” of science: in other words, the hidden cosmology underlying Science as we practice it today. In addition to my current readings in the philosophy and history of science, my thinking is informed (perhaps oddly, but the resonances throughout are astounding) by Pacific Northwest art and story, poetry, and iconography. And because I believe humans have evolved to, among other things, work with their hands, I’ve studied woodcarving with a talented and generous group of carvers in the San Juan Islands. It’s taken long, but I understand now that making is as potent a form of inquiry as any.

Research Description