Not an Economics Major?

The Department of Economics offers two introductory courses that satisfy General Education Requirements (GERs) at the College of William and Mary.  “Principles of Microeconomics” (ECON 101) focuses on how individuals and firms make economic choices and interact in markets.  “Principles of Macroeconomics” (ECON 102) focuses on the aggregate activity of the national economy as a whole and how national economies interact on the international stage.  Each of these courses fulfills one of the two GER 3 course requirements.  GER 3 courses are designed to introduce students to the systematic observation and analysis of human behavior and interaction.  These courses teach students basic concepts, key theories and methods, and important findings of social science research.

The Department of Economics also offers courses to hundreds of students majoring in programs outside of Economics.  Several economics courses are part of the core requirements for the undergraduate International Relations and Public Policy majors.  In addition, students majoring in Environmental Science and Policy may fulfill required courses in social sciences and research methods with several economics courses.