Research Tools

In several Economics courses, students learn about research through hands-on experience, that is, by writing a research paper on a topic of their choosing.  Some research paper assignments require that students conduct quantitative analysis of their research question using data either to replicate an existing study’s findings or to generate new findings on their own hypothesis.  This is common in econometrics courses like ECON 308, ECON 407, and ECON 408.  A few of these research papers serve as the starting point for subsequent Honors projects or independent study courses.  In those cases, students can spend an additional semester or two conducting an in-depth examination of a project they began while completing a paper assignment in a prior course. 

The resources here are intended to provide students with suggested websites for identifying existing research studies and locating data.  When writing any paper, you should always look for specific guidance from your professor on acceptable sources and data requirements.