Major Requirements

Pre-declaration Requirement

A calculus proficiency course must be taken BEFORE declaring a major in Economics.  The approved list includes AP credit in Calculus AB, Math 108, Math 111 or Math 131.

Requirements for Majors

The economics major requires a minimum of 30 semester hours of courses in economics beyond the introductory (100) level, with least 9 semester hours must be taken in courses numbered 400 or above. In addition, all majors are required to take the following courses:

  • ECON 303 (Intermediate Microeconomic Theory)
  • ECON 304 (Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory)
  • ECON 308 (Econometrics)

Students may satisfy the Major Writing Requirement by completing ECON 341, 342, 380, 400, 411, 446, 451, 456, 460, 474, 484, 490 an independent study course with a writing component, or ECON 495 and ECON 496 department honors

Majors will satisfy the Computing Proficiency Requirement by successfully completing ECON 308, Econometrics

Prerequisites for Upper-Level Economics Courses

The standard prerequisite for all 300-level economics courses is two semesters of Principles of Economics. This may be fulfilled by taking ECON 101 and ECON 102. The standard prerequisite for all 400-level economics courses is at least one course in intermediate economic theory (ECON 303, Intermediate Microeconomic Theory, and/or ECON 304, Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory). All exceptions are noted in the course descriptions in the online course catalog.