Major Requirements

Requirements for Majors

The economics major requires a minimum of 30 semester hours of courses in economics beyond the introductory (100) level, with least 9 semester hours must be taken in courses numbered 400 or above. In addition, all majors are required to take the following courses:

  • Economics 303 (Intermediate Microeconomic Theory)
  • Economics 304 (Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory)
  • Economics 307 (Principles and Methods of Statistics)

Students may satisfy the Major Writing Requirement by completing Economics 308, 341, 342, 355, 380, 400, 411, 412, 446, 451, 456, 460, 474, 480, 484, an independent study course with a writing component (Economics 490) or departmental honors (Economics 495 or Economics 496).

Majors will satisfy the Computing Proficiency Requirement by successfully completing Economics 307 (Principles and Methods of Statistics).

Prerequisites for Upper-Level Economics Courses

The standard prerequisite for all 300-level economics courses is two semesters of Principles of Economics. This may be fulfilled by taking Economics 101 (or 151) and Economics 102 (or 152). The standard prerequisite for all 400-level economics courses is at least one course in intermediate economic theory (Economics 303, Intermediate Microeconomic Theory, and/or 304, Intermedicate Macroeconomic Theory). All exceptions are noted in the course descriptions.