Clyde Haulman Undergraduate Scholarship Endowment

A letter from Peter Atwater '83


Dear Fellow Economics Graduates,

Clyde Haulman changed my life.

When I arrived at William and Mary, I thought I was going to be a physics major, but like all students I needed to take a couple of courses in the social sciences to meet W&M's requirements for graduation. While I had no background in economics, the topic interested me, so I signed up for Econ 101.

And I loved it. So much so that by the end of my freshman year I knew I'd be an econ major. From William and Mary, I went on to work in the banking industry for almost 25 years and today I run my own consulting business, Financial Insyghts, where interestingly enough, my honors thesis on the formation of European Monetary System has recently coming in quite handy.

None of this would have happened without Clyde. And I know I am not alone in having a story like this. Having taught thousands of students over the course of his career, Clyde impacted a lot of William and Mary alumni, and not just econ grads.

Even though Clyde is retiring, my wife Janet and I decided late last year that we wanted Clyde's impact on William and Mary students to continue, so we started a scholarship in his name. It was our way to say thank you to an amazing teacher, mentor and friend.

Next year, while Clyde won't be on campus, the Clyde Haulman Scholarship recipient will be. And wouldn't it be cool if there were two, three or even six of them?

Here's your chance to make that happen. As a way of letting Clyde know that he made a difference in your life, I hope you will join me in making a difference in the lives of William and Mary students for generations to come by contributing to the Clyde Haulman Scholarship.

You can contribute to the Haulman Fund online now with your credit card, using the College's secure web server. The contribution form will be pre-selected to direct your gift to the Clyde Haulman Scholarship Fund, allocation #3459.

Peter Atwater, Class of 1983