Donald E. Campbell

CSX Professor of Economics

Office: Tyler Hall Room 246
Email: [[decamp]]
Office Phone: 757 221 2383

Areas of Specialization

Mechanism design and social choice theory

Curriculum Vitae


Don Campbell received his BA from Queen’s University in Canada in 1966, and his PhD from Princeton University in 1972.  He taught at the University of Toronto for twenty years, but has been at William and Mary since 1990.  His specialty is mathematical economics, and his research is primarily in the sub-field of mechanism design and social choice theory.  (A mechanism is a formal, mathematical model of a political or economic institution.) 

Don is currently investigating the properties of mechanisms for eliciting truthful revelation of individual preferences. While developing the courses at William & Mary, he wrote Incentives.  The second edition appeared in 2006 and the book is currently being translated into Chinese.  Visit the Incentives home page.

  • B.A., Queens University
  • Ph.D, Princeton University