William and Mary


Advanced Preparations
  • Declaring Candidacy/Confirming Eligibility: Students intending to graduate in May, 2013, should already have filed a declaration of candidacy in the fall. In addition, students in the spring should run a degree audit for themselves under the MyWM Banner system to confirm that they have completed all graduation requirements. Advisors or the Department are happy to provide clarification, but it is up to students themselves to confirm that they will have met all requirements.
  • Economics Majors: Diplomas of students who declared a major in Economics (as their only or primary major) and have been cleared for graduation will automatically be delivered to the Department's degree conferral site.
  • Double Majors: Double majors who have declared a primary major in a department other than Economics but plan to attend the Economics degree conferral ceremony must themselves inform the Registrar of their intention to do so by the last day of spring semester (i.e. unless you do so, your diploma will be sent to the department listed as your primary major). Likewise, those who originally declared Economics as a primary major but prefer to receive their diploma with the department of their second major must inform the Registrar of that intention.
  • College Commencement Information: The Student Affairs website provides all sorts of other important and useful information about Commencement, including a weekend schedule and information on tickets for the main ceremony at William and Mary Hall, etc.
  • Future Plans:  We want to know what your plans are after graduation.  Please go  to  Tribe Forms  and fill out the survey.  When making your Senior Class Pledge remember the Economics Department.  Keep in touch!