Conference Calls for Papers

This page will have postings for conferences in classical studies and related discipline that are inviting undergraduates to submit papers.  If you have a term paper or honors thesis that you're proud of, considering submitting an abstract to a conference where you will present your paper orally before an audience.  It's good experience and looks good on your CV's and graduate school applications!  You may ask the Department to help sponsor your trip through the Hogan Fund. For advice on preparing an abstract and preparing a paper for oral presentation, ask your advisor or any of the Classical Studies faculty.

Undergraduates may present papers at the annual conference of the Classical Association of the Middle West and South (CAMWS, abstracts are usually due around early October) or at the American Philological Association (APA)/Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) joint annual conference (abstracts due around mid-May). Both these conferences have panels dedicated to undergraduate research.