Alexander Angelov

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies and Faculty Affiliate in Classical Studies

Office: Wren 309

Prof. Angelov holds a PhD in History and an MA in Classical Greek from the University of Michigan.  His research and teaching interests include Medieval Christianity, Eastern Orthodoxy, Byzantine and Balkan history, Conversion, Inter-religious relationsm Atheism and Secularization, Cultural Anthropology, Theories of Religion.  His current book project is a comparative study of late-antique and early-medieval elite conversions to Byzantine Christianity. Between 300 and 900, the Byzantine missionaries reached such diverse places as the Caucasus, the Horn of Africa, Southern Arabia, Central Europe and the Balkans, bringing about Eastern Orthodoxy’s largest expansion to date.  Besides the systematic exploration of the nature of the Byzantine imperial involvement in the Christian missions, he investigates how and why post-Byzantine historians and politicians have selected certain episodes of conversion to turn them into monumental events with ethnic and often bitterly nationalistic overtones.   In addition, Prof. Angelov is working on a series of articles exploring Eastern Christian history and culture. He is also preparing a monograph on the history of Orthodoxy in the Balkans during Communism.