Hogan Lecture

The Department along with the Classics Club host a Student Lecture every year, made possible through the aid of the Hogan Fund. The invited speaker is usually someone whose research relates to students' coursework or other interests.

This academic year's student lecturer was Professor Emily Baragwanath (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), who lectured on Herodotus and guest-lectured the advanced level Greek class "Greek Historians" (GREK325). For more information about that event, click HERE.

For the academic year 2011-12, we are planning to have as our lecturer Professor Paul Allen Miller (University of South Carolina), an expert on Roman elegy. Professor Miller will also guest lecture the advanced Latin lyric and elegiac poetry class (LATN321) and he is the author of the textbook the class will be using. Stay tuned for more information in the Fall 2011.