"I think myself more indebted to my father for this than for all the other luxuries his cares and affections placed within my reach."

-Thomas Jefferson (W&M class of 1762), on his classical education

The Department of Classical Studies was one of the original departments at William & Mary. We offer a curriculum that emphasizes the rigorous study of language, culture and history and the development of the faculties of critical thinking and effective communication. We welcome students who value that sort of education.

We provide language instruction in Greek, Latin and Hebrew, and courses in Greek and Roman literature, history, society, art and archaeology.  Our students can choose from concentrations (majors) in Greek, LatinClassical Civilization, and Classical Archaeology, and a minor in Classical Studies.

What can you do with a degree in Classical Studies?  The question is what can't you do with a degree in Classical Studies.   Pursuing studies in classics is the epitome of the liberal arts experience, which values knowledge for its own sake and the inculcation of skills and abilities that can be applied to all fields of endeavor.  Our graduates can write, speak and think clearly and have a historical perspective that fosters critical thinking and good decision-making.  The best employers and graduate programs appreciate those skills.

Our alumnae/i have met with outstanding success both in the field of classics (in university and high-school teaching) and in a wide variety of other professions:  law, medicine, pharmacy, banking, architecture, business, museum work and library science.  A classics degree doesn't shut doors, it opens them.