Minoring in Chemistry

A minor in Chemistry requires a minimum of 22 semester credits. All students minoring in chemistry must take the following 22 credits:

  • CHEM 103 General Chemistry I (3) and 103L General Chemistry I Lab (1)
  • CHEM 206 Organic Chemistry I (3) and 206L Organic Chemistry I Lab (1)
  • CHEM 209 Organic Chemistry II (3) or 307 Organic Chemistry II for Life Sciences (3)
  • CHEM 305 Inorganic and General Chemistry II (3) or 308 General Chemistry II for Life Sciences (3) or 335 Freshman Honors Chemistry (3)
  • CHEM 353 Organic Chemistry Lab II (1) and 354 General Chemistry Lab II (1) or 356 Inorganic and Quantitative Lab Methods (1)

Advanced course requirements:

  • CHEM 301 Physical Chemistry (3) or 309 Instrumental Analysis (3) or 341 Physical Chemistry of Life Sciences (3)
  • CHEM 403 Advanced  Organic Chemistry or 411 Polymer Science I or 414 Biochemistry or 457 Organic Synthesis

See the undergraduate catalog for more information. 

To declare a chemistry minor, students need to fill out a Declaration of Academic Minor form and bring it to the Chemistry Office in ISC 1039 for the department chair's signature. Students then take the original, signed declaration to the Registrar's Office. An advising appointment with the department chair is not necessary but can be requested through the [[chemis, Chemistry Office]] in ISC 1039.