Planning Your Major

Kameron Adams '13 performs research as an undergraduateThere are a number of paths a student can take in completing the major in chemistry depending on the background you have completed from high school and/or transferred college credits. These topics are covered in detail with the links provided to the left. The department works closely with every student to ensure that all college and major requirements can be completed in a timely manner with a schedule that is tailored to an individual’s course history. This is particularly important when the declaration of major is made, typically in the spring semester of the sophomore year.

In addition to the requirements of the department for a Bachelors of Science degree, various options are available to obtain more specialized certification through the American Chemical Society. All students are provided with the opportunity to conduct research through a faculty mentor, culminating in either senior research or honors research, the latter of which is a college wide program requiring the submission of a senior thesis and presentation of the research before a faculty committee.

For additional questions and to arrange a meeting with the department chair for major advising please contact the [[chemis, Chemistry Office]], Tel. 757-221-2540.