Honors Research

The Chemistry Department offers a strong research program for undergraduates with a significant number of chemistry majors conducting Honors Research as a capstone course.

The guidelines for  pursuing Honors Research (Chem 495/496) are set by the College and require permission of the individual faculty research advisor.  Students must enroll for 3 credits/semester, and are expected to put forth a rigorous research effort. Honors Research culminates with an oral defense of the research thesis. Although Honors Research is more time consuming, graduating with Honors in Chemistry Research will be a highlight on your resume and will be looked upon highly by graduate and professional programs. Past Honors theses are listed on the Charles Center website.

The registration time of 3-3:50 pm on Fridays for Honors Research (Chem 495/496) is the period for the required attendance at department seminars. Actual research times are arranged with the faculty mentor.

Deadline and application information can be found on the Charles Center website.