Biochemistry Minor

The summary below applies solely to Chemistry majors. Minor requirements for student majoring in other disciplines may be found at the Charles Center.

ADVISORY COMMITTEE: Dr. Bebout, Director (Chemistry), Dr. Coleman (Chemistry), Dr. Hinton (Biology), Dr. Landino (Chemistry), Dr. Shakes (Biology), Dr. Young (Chemistry).

An interdisciplinary minor in biochemistry may be of interest to some students concentrating in chemistry. For chemistry majors, the minor requires successful completion of 18 credits from the following course work:

REQUIRED CORE (12 credits): CHEM 209 or CHEM 307 (Organic II); CHEM 414 (Biochemistry); BIOL 220 (Intro to Organisms, Ecology, Evolution) and BIOL 225 (Intro to Molecules, Cells, Development). If a student with an AP Biology score of 5 elects not to take BIOL 220, the 4 credit Biology elective may count towards the Biochemistry minor. If the student takes BIOL 220, the Biology elective does not count towards the minor. Students with an exemption from BIOL 225 may either elect to take it for credit or take an additional Biochemistry minor Biology elective to obtain sufficient credits for the minor.

ELECTIVES FOR CHEMISTRY MAJORS (at least two courses totaling 6 credits):  BIOL 306 (Microbiology); BIOL 310 (Molecular Biology); BIOL 345 (Neurobiology); BIOL 415 (General Endrocrinology); BIOL 420 (Genetic Analysis); BIOL 433 (Developmental Biology); BIOL 437 (Immunology); BIOL 442 (Molecular Genetics); BIOL 453 (Protein Structure & Function).

Minor requirements for students majoring in other disciplines may be found at the Charles Center.

Many of these courses have prerequisites as listed in the Undergraduate Catalog; thus appropriate planning for the minor should begin as early on as possible. You must complete the Application for Biochemistry Minor form no later than the Fall semester of the senior year and have the form signed by a member of the Advisory Committee. You must also complete the Declaration of Academic Minor [pdf] form.  The two forms and an unofficial transcript are taken to Dr. Schwartz, Director of Interdisciplinary Studies, in the Charles Center for final approval.