AP, IB, or College Credit in Chemistry

Some students enter William and Mary with AP, IB, or college credit in chemistry. An AP score of 4 or IB score of 5 (higher level) is sufficient to receive credit for Chem 103 and Chem 103L  (lab), while an AP score of 5 or IB score of 6 or 7 receives credit for Chem 103, 103L,  3xx (general chemistry  II equivalent), and 354 lab. The department offers a special course for the fall of the freshman year for these students listed as Chem 335 (Freshman Honors Chemistry). This course is restricted to freshman who have received transfer credit and provides the opportunity to be in an accelerated chemistry course from the beginning of your time here instead of having to wait until the spring semester to begin organic chemistry. Students with AP 4 or IB 5 credit will still need to enroll in Chem 354 or 356 lab sometime within the first two spring semesters to complete lab requirements (Chem 335 fulfills the general chemistry II requirements but not the Chem 354 or 356 lab requirement). Students at this level and with biological interests may also find it convenient to take Chem 414 (biochemistry) in the spring semester of their sophomore year. Students transferring into William and Mary with approved transfer credits in equivalent chemistry courses typically continue with the chemistry track based on their level of preparation.  

Students with AP 5 credit who want to take Chem 308 must drop their AP credit for Chem 3xx. Students with AP 5 credit may take Chem 305 or Chem 335 (only for freshmen) without dropping the AP credit for Chem 3xx.