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Carey K. Bagdassarian

Associate Professor

Office : Integrated Science Center 1058
Email : [[ckbagd]]
Office Phone : 757 221 2556
Webpage : {{}}

Areas of Specialization

Food-web dynamics, ecological stoichiometry, emergent regulatory systems, biodiversity/ecosystem functioning

Research Description


My background in equilibrium and nonequilibrium statistical mechanics (and a somewhat restless nature) has led me through and to the fields of self-assembly in amphiphilic systems, crystal-growth dynamics, protein motors, enzyme inhibitor design, enzyme dynamics, and complex systems theory. I've landed, recently and firmly and enamored of it, in the grips of ecosystem science and food-web dynamics. And thanks to my collaborator Amy Dunham, currently at the Smithsonian Institution, I've finally learned that the natural world is far more fascinating than the machinations of a theorist's mind.