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The Honors Program for self-designed majors awards Honors, High Honors, or Highest Honors to student research projects. The projects listed below have been defended successfully, and a copy of the thesis deposited in Swem Library.

  • Student, "Thesis" (Honors level)
    Committee Chair + Other Committee Members
  • Kyle DeMaria, "Spatial Patterns of Municipal Annexation and the Impact on the Cost of Public Services" (Honors)
    Peter McHenry + Sibel Zandi-Sayek and Rui Pereira
  • Sarah Goggin, "The Role of Histone Modifying Enzyme SUV420H2 in Pediatric Ependymoma" (Honors) 
    Matthew Wawersik + Oliver Kerscher, Robin Looft-Wilson and Timothy Van Meter
  • Rebecca Heine, "The Pendragon Cycle: Celtic Christianity in the Arthurian Legend through Bards, Prophets,and Historians" (Honors)
    Monica Potkay + John Conlee, Erin Minear and Fred Smith
  • Julie Krask, "Novel Pathways to Dinitrogen Formation Via Iron-mediated Anaerobic Ammonium Oxidation" (Highest Honors) 
    Aaron Beck + Randy Chambers, Greg Hancock and Bongkeun Song
  • Emily Mahoney, "Evidence Uptake Among International Nutrition Actors: A Case Study in Uganda" (Honors) 
    Scott Ickes + David Aday and Amy Quark
  • Chloe Miksovic, "'How Do They Do It?': Characteristics of Successful Teachers of African American Students" (High Honors) 
    Jeremy Stoddard + Jamel Donnor and Leah Glenn
  • Laura Pugh, "'The River Erodes Everything:' Health, Hygiene, and Human Development in Karamoja, Uganda" (Honors)
    Scott Ickes + Drew LaMar and Elizabeth Yost
  • Alison Roberts, "Balancing the Scales: Examining relationships between Maternal Agency and Stunting in Differing Developing World Contexts" (Honors)
    Scott Ickes + Phil Roessler and Matthias Leu
  • Lillian Singer, "An Analysis of State and Nationwide Legislation on Women's Healthcare Access in Virginia" (Honors) 
    David Aday + Victoria Castillo and Camilla Buchanon
  • Jackson Stone, "3D Printing" (Honors) 
    Carey Bagdassarian + Joshua Erlich and Paul Davies
  • Casey Thompson, "The Erosion of Brianzolo: The Impact of Standard Italian on a Dialect and a Cultural Identity" (Highest Honors) 
    Katie Boyle + Monica Seger, Katherine Kulick and Jack Martin 
  • Stephanie Wraith, "Assessing the Role of Maternal and Community Capabilities in Preventing Childhood Diarrhea" (Honors) 
    Scott Ickes + David Aday and Alison Scott
  • Taylor Charest, "Suspicion of Shots: Examining the Relationship Between the State, Society, and Health in India" (High Honors) 
    Chitralekha Zutshi + Scott Ickes, Deenesh Sohoni
  • Mary Grech
  • Robert Marty, "Taking the Aid Debate to the Sub-National Level: Impact and Allocation of Foreign Health Aid in Malawi" (Honors) 
    Matthias Leu + David Aday, Carlisle Moody
  • John Mulhall
  • Erin Spencer, "Association Between Invasive Lionfish and Native Fish Species in the Western Atlantic and Caribbean" (Honors)
    Doug DeBerry + James E. Perry, III, Randolph Chambers, Jonathan Allen
  • Rachel Berryman, "Analysis of Arts Accessibility Through Comminity Engagement" (High Honors)
    Christopher Owen + Clyde Haulman, Richard Palmer, Chris Scales
  • Jyotsna Singh, "The Use of Computational Models to Analyze ER Stress-Induced Ca2+ Dysfunction in Relation to Neuronal Cell Death" (Honors)
    Randolph Coleman + Christopher Del Negro, George Gilchrist, Diane Shakes
  • Cecilia Cackley, "Flexible Theater: Interpreting Sarah Kane's 4.48 Psychosis through Music, Theater, and Dance" (Honors)
    Laurie Wolf + Joan Gavaler, Richard Palmer, Glenn Shean
  • Stephen Carley, "The Emergence of the Cosmopolitan Ethic in the Modern Age" (High Honors)
    Emile Lester + Alan Fuchs, Mark Fowler
  • Kyle Prickett, "Empowering and Mentorship Leadership: The Key to the Implementation of a New Delivery System for Care of Total Joint Patients" (Highest Honors)
    Carey Bagdassarian + Kelly Joyce, Michael Deschenes, Michael Daise
  • Meghan Shapiro, "Presumption of Life: Discovery of a Due Process Failure in Capital Sentencing" (Highest Honors)
    Christine Nemacheck + David Aday, Laurie Wolf