In its Honors Program the Department of Psychology awards one level of Honors to student research projects. The projects listed below have been defended successfully, and a copy of the thesis deposited in Swem Library.

  • Student, "Thesis" (Honors level)
    Committee Chair + Other Committee Members
  • Enrique Bello, "Unravelling the Consumer Brain: The Role of Emotion in Purchase Behavior" (Honors) Matthew Hilimire + Paul Kieffaber, Christy Porter, Jennifer Stevens, Lisa Szykman
  • Kimberly E. Chaney, "Surmounting Solo Status: Beliefs and Previous Experience Buffer Solo Women's Learning" (Honors) Cheryl Dickter + Jennifer Stevens, Molly Swetnam-Burland
  • Anna Katherine Hochgraf, "The Skinny on Regulating Media Images to Prevent Eating Disorders" (Honors) Meghan Sinton-Miller + Janice Zeman, Scott Ickes, Robert Scholnick
  • Blina Kruja, "I'll Drink to That: Differential Effect of Fat Labeling, Weight Salience and Dietary Restraint on Consumption" (Honors) Janice L. Zeman + Danielle H. Dallaire, Douglas A. DeBerry
  • Catherine Irene Mitchell, "Emotional Priming and Spontaneous Facial Mimicry of Asian and Caucasian Faces: An Investigation Using the Facial Action Coding System (FACS)" (Honors) Joanna Schug + Christopher Ball, Jaime Settle
  • Matthew Schafer
  • Benjamin Thomas
  • Danielle Weber, "The Effect of Gender, Type of Statement, and Individual Differences on Perceptions of Individuals Who Make and Confront Sexist Remarks" (Honors) Cheryl Dickter + Suzanne Raitt, Jennifer Stevens
  • Elizabeth Brooks Fein, "Partner presence and relationship satisfaction: Does the presence of one's partner make relationship ratings more accurate?" (Honors)
    Constance Pilkington + Harvey Langholtz, Jim Harris
  • Nathan Richards Fields, "Unconditioned Stimulus Preexposure Effect: Modulation Via Temporally Specific Fear" (High Honors)
    Robert Barnet + Jennifier Stevens, Greg Capelli
  • Jaclyn Anne Hennessey, "Inhibition Effects in Subliminally Primed Autobiographical Memories" (Highest Honors)
    Christopher Ball + Paul Story, Paul Davies
  • Katherine Thompson Hinkle, "God Says Don't Eat Your Dog: The Relationship Between Religious Orientation and Models of Moral Intuition" (Honors)
    Larry Ventis + Danielle Dallaire, John Morreall
  • Elicia Chelsey Lair, "Reader Attribution of Gender to Authors of Scholarly Articles" (High Honors)
    Harvey Langholtz + Joseph Galano, Ken Lacy
  • Whitney Meredith Link, "Mediational Factors in Relationship Aggression: The Role of Cognition" (High Honors)
    Constance Pilkington + M. Christine Porter, Denise Wade
  • Elizabeth Rose Materese, "Obesity and Federal Assistance: Evaluating Food Stamp Sponsored Diets" (High Honors)
    Harvey Langholtz + Joseph Galano, Larry Evans
  • Lauren Ann Nelson, "Media Influences on Trust and Romantic Relationships" (High Honors)
    Constance Pilkington + Peter Vishton, Jeanne Wilson
  • Elizabeth Jane Sadock, "The Relations Between Emotion Regulation and Children's Somatic Symptomology" (High Honors)
    Janice Zeman + Danielle Dallaire, Sandra Ward
  • George Banks, "Generative Retrieval of Autobiographical Memories: Spontaneous vs. Effortful Recall" (Honors)
    Chris Ball + Christy Jensen, Chris Howard
  • Daryl Cameron (High Honors)
    Glenn Shean + Chris Ball, Paul Davies
  • Robert Franklin, "Sexual and Asexual Difference in Facial Attractiveness: A Cognitive Explanation" (High Honors)
    Adam Rubenstein + Constance Pilkington, Mel Ely
  • Ashley Glover, "The Role of Hemispheric Specializations in Informative Processing and the Production of Humor" (High Honors)
    Todd Thrash + Jennifer Stevens, Sal Saporito
  • Laura Haworth
    Robert Barnet + Lee Kirkpatrick, Ray McCoy
  • Robyn Kondrad
    Joshua Burk + Chris Ball, Ann Reed
  • Andy Lau
    Larry Ventis + Adam Rubenstein, Mark Fowler
  • Lindsay Roberson
    Constance Pilkington + Joseph Galano, Evelyn Hall
  • Drew Saylor
    Jennifer Stevens + Todd Thrash, John Morreall
  • Damian Stephen
    Chris Ball + Peter Vishton, Carey Bagdassarian
  • Peter Thaxter
    Jennifer Daly + Fredrick Frieden, John Foubert
  • Alison Wagner
    Pamela Hunt + Josh Burk, John Griffin