In its Honors Program the Mathematics Department awards one level of Honors to student research projects. The projects listed below have been defended successfully, and a copy of the thesis deposited in Swem Library.

  • Student, "Thesis" (Honors level)
    Committee Chair + Other Committee Members
  • Tanner Crowder, "A Study of Genetic Code by Combinatorics and Linear Algebra Approaches" (Highest Honors)
    Chi-Kwong Li + Sarah Day, Jianjun Paul Jian, Margaret Saha
  • Paul McMichael, "Multiplicity Lists for Classes of Hermitian Matrices whose Graph is a Certain Tree" (Highest Honors)
    Charles Johnson + Ilya Spitkovsky, Marc Sher
  • Lauren Merrill, "A Survey of Social Choice Failures: Majority and Borda Rules" (Highest Honors)
    Charles Johnson + Laurence Leemis, Don Campbell
  • Jonathan Nuckols, "Trees and the Implicit Construction of Eigenvalue Multiplicity Lists" (Highest Honors)
    Charles Johnson + Leiba Rodman, George Rublein, John Morreall
  • Evan Saltzman, "Multivariate Nonhomogeneous Poisson Processes" (Highest Honors)
    Lawrence Leemis + John Drew, Don Campbell
  • Katherine Benedetto, "Polyomino Tiling Graphs" (Highest Honors)
    Nicholas Loehr + Vladimir Bolotnikov, Weizen Mao
  • Katherine Field, "Counting Hessenberg Matrices" (High Honors)
    David Lutzer + Nicholas Loehr, Virginia Torczon
  • Abraham Isgur, "Almoist Periodic Factorization and Applications to the Spectral Theory of Toeplitz Operators" (Highest Honors)
    Ilya Spitkovsky + Vladimir Bolotnikov, Mark Sher
  • Hakan Seyalioglu, "Exponential Attacks on Blockcipher Families" (Highest Honors)
    Moses Liskov + George Rublein, Nicholas Loehr
  • Kevin Duke, "Domain Theory: Modeling Generalized Ordered Modifications of the Real Line" (Highest Honors)
    David Lutzer + Vladimir Bolotnikov, Nahum Zobin, Steve Knudson
  • Michael Holroyd, "Synchronizability and Connectivity of Discrete Complex Systems" (High Honors)
    Rex Kincaid + Sebastian Schreiber, Christopher del Negro
  • Joshua Link, "The Presence of Triangles in Patterns with Given Minimum Risk" (Highest Honors)
    Charles Johnson + David Lutzer, Nick Loehr, Marc Sher
  • David Rose, "Minimal Length Uncertainty and the Quantum Mechanics of Non-Commutative Space-Time" (Highest Honors)
    Ilya Spitkovsky + David Lutzer, Vladimir Bolotnikov, Chris Carone
  • Matthew Ruprecht
    Robert Lewis
  • Paul Smith, "Boundary Nevanlinna-Pack Interpolation for Generalized Nevanlinna Functions" (Highest Honors)
    Vladimir Bolotnikov + David Lutzer, Ilya Spitkovsky, Bill Cooke
  • Kristina Hofman
    Michael Trosset + Michael Lewis, Evgenia Smimi