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In its Honors Program the History Department awards Honors, High Honors, or Highest Honors to student research projects. The projects listed below have been defended successfully, and a copy of the thesis deposited in Swem Library.

  • Student, "Thesis" (Honors level)
    Committee Chair + Other Committee Members
  • Jacob Abrams, "Disaster and Discourse: Reactions to the 1906 Courrieres Colliery Mine Disaster" (High Honors)
    Ronald Schechter + Frederick Corney and William Hausman
  • Timothy Courtney, "Black Slaves, Christian Servants: Race and Legal Identity in Northampton and Middlesex Counties, Virginia, 1632-1705" (Highest Honors)
    C. Julia Richter + Jody Allen and Monika Gosin
  • Whitney Fields, ""Among the Graves": Constructing Community, Resistance, and Freedom on Nineteenth Century Plantation Burial Grounds" (High Honors)
    Hannah Rosen + Robert Vinson and Michael Blakey
  • Madeline Grimm, "Historical Precedents and Early Modern Interpretations: English Histories of America, 1500-1700" (High Honors) 
    Nicholas Popper + James Whittenburg and Brett Wilson
  • Jacob Jose, "The Case of Charles Horman Revisited: Complication and Conflict within Declassification" (Honors) 
    Betsy Konefal + Richard Turits and Susan Norman
  • Kathryn Plunkett, "'We Made You': The Contrived and Contested Nature of Authenticity in American Folk and Hip Hop Subcultures" (High Honors) 
    Charles McGovern + Scott Nelson and Richard Lowry
  • Alaric Powell, "'The State of These Countries...Is Truly More Astonishing Than Our Story Can Fully Convey': The Crusader States in the Late Twelfth Century from the Perspective of Three Pilgrims" (High Honors) 
    Philip Daileader + Ayfer Karakaya-Stump and Cristina Stancioiu
  • Hannah Tucker, "A Smoking Structure: Firm Organization in the Transatlantic Tobacco Trade" (Highest Honors) 
    Scott Nelson + Nicholas Popper, Peter McHenry and Paul Mapp
  • Sydney Weaver, "Narrativity in French Depictions of the Crusades" (Honors) 
    Fahad Bishara + Philip Daileader and Maryse Fauvel
  • John Bridgeford, "The Making of a 'New Ramallah': A Palestinian Diaspora Community in America" (Highest Honors) 
    Ayfer Karakaya-Stump + Fahad Bishara, Tamara Sonn
  • Bryan Casey, "The Internal Foe: Rethinking Slave Resistance in Antebellum America" (Highest Honors)
    Melvin Patrick Ely + Robert Trent Vinson, Jackson N. Sasser, Jr.
  • Robin Crigler, "When George Washington's Ghost Turned Handsprings: South African Crisis & American Identity, 1895-1905" (Highest Honors)
    Robert Trent Vinson + Hannah Rosen, Chinua Thelwell
  • Yonsoo Kang, "A Framework for Understanding the US Air Bombing Campaign in Korea, 1950-51" (High Honors)
    Hiroshi Kitamura + Eric Han, Beverly Peterson
  • Luke Nicastro, "'No Commitments': Canada and Imperial Defense, 1936-1939" (Highest Honors) 
    Michael Butler + Eric Han, Ross Carroll  
  • Amy Schaffman, "Keep Calm and Carry On?: Examining WWII Great Britain through the Lens of Overseas Evacuation" (Highest Honors)
    Bruce Campbell + Frederick Corney, Jennifer Taylor
  • Dwight Weingarten, "'To Thine Own Self Be True': Robert F. Kennedy, the Inner Cities, and the American Civil Rights Movement, 1963-1968" (High Honors)
    Charles McGovern + Andrew Fisher, John L. Froitzheim
  • Deborah Wood, "'Infallible Proofs': Math, Knowledge, and Religion in the Medieval Islamicate World" (Highest Honors)
    Nicholas Popper + Ayfer Karakaya-Stump, Frans Schalekamp
  • Hannah Ayers, "Space, Secularism, and the Expansion of Forced Child Begging in Senegal, 1850-2008" (High Honors)
    James LaFleur + Melvyn Ely, Tamara Sonn
  • Marie Booth, "Prostitution and the Representation of Anxiety in London, 1723-1870" (High Honors)
    Kathrin Levitan + Karin Wulf, Deborah Morse
  • Laura Brandt, "Boys Don't Make Passes (at Girls who Wear Glasses): Gender, Vision Aids, and Persona in the Early American Republic" (Honors)
    James Whittenburg + Julie Richter, Kathleen Bragdon
  • Kelly Creed, "Classical Liberal Stunt Men: Lord Acton, Herbert Spencer, and the Development of Liberalism in Nineteenth-Century Britain" (Highest Honors)
    Tuska Benes + Kathrin Levitan, Robert Leventhal
  • Jennie Davy, "From Color Line to Colorblind: Changing African American Perceptions of the Japanese during World War II" (High Honors)
    Chandos Brown + Hiroshi Kitamura, Arthur Knight
  • Jason Drake, "Servant to England: The Biography of Adam Marsh (de Marisco)" (Honors)
    Philip Daileader + LuAnn Homza, Monica Potkay
  • Allison Finkelstein, "'Unhappy Differences': The American Revolution and the Disruption of the Course of Theatre in Virginia" (High Honors)
    James Whittenburg + Susan Kern, Richard Palmer
  • Jennifer Hoover, "Secrets in Switzerland: Allen W. Dulles' Impact as OSS Station Chief in Bern on Developments of World War II & U.S. Dominance in Post-War Europe" (High Honors)
    Hiroshi Kitamura + David McCarthy, William Rennegal
  • Paul Kuenker, "Out of the Depths: The Construction of Meaning After Colorado Mining Disasters" (Honors)
    Andrew Fisher + Kris Lane, Charles Palermo
  • Ashley Whitehead, "Though my people slay me, yet I will trust in them': Varina Davis and the Elusive Paradigm of the Politically Elite Confederate Woman" (Highest Honors)
    James Whittenburg + Susan Kern, Katherine Preston
  • Elizabeth Anderson, "'Again in the Providence of God:' Two Appalachian Women Inscribe Community, Family, and Faith on the Civil War" (Highest Honors)
    Karin Wulf + Leisa Meyer, Jennifer Putzi
  • Philip Baylor, "The Instruments of Peace: The West Indies in the Seven Years' War, 1759-1963" (Honors)
    James Allegro + James Axtell, Sharla Blank
  • John Bell, "'It was honest': The Politics of Authenticity in the American Folk Revival and British Punk Subcultures" (Highest Honors)
    Charles McGovern + Scott Nelson, Rob Leventhal
  • Sara Casey, "Elizabeth Avery Meriwether: One Southern Woman's Life of Contradiction" (High Honors)
    Chandos Brown + Carol Sheriff, Susan Donaldson
  • Stephanie Crumbaugh, "'To Sell for Exploitation': Indian Slavery in the English Colonies" (Highest Honors)
    James Axtell + Andrew Fisher, Fred Smith
  • Katherine Eade, (Honors)
    Ronald Schechter + Chitralekha Zutshi, Margaret McColley
  • Mary French, "History and Memory: The Memoirs and Other Writings of Russian Literary Emigres Bunin, Berberova, Nabokov and Brodsky" (Highest Honors)
    Fred Corney + Tuska Benes, Alexander Prokhorov
  • Leah Giles, "'A Great Ambition to Serve Your Lordship': The Influence of Sir John Yeamans of the Founding and Early Development of South Carolina" (Highest Honors)
  • Timothy Huffstutter (Honors)
    Carol Sheriff + Charles McGovern, Rich Lowry
  • Jacob Lubetkin, "'England's Freedom, Soldiers Rights': Democratic Upheaval in the English Civil War" (Highest Honors)
    Dale Hoak + Tuska Benes, Don Campbell
  • Heather Maclean, "King Henry VIIIÕs Sumptuary Laws and Their Impact on British Society during the Tudor Era" (Honors)
    Dale Hoak + LuAnn Homza, Patricia Wesp
  • Celeste McNamara, "Patronage in Savonarola's San Marco: the Correspondence of fra Santi Rucellai" (Highest Honors)
    LuAnn Homza + Dale Hoak, Monica Potkay
  • John Regina, "Between Migration and Nativism: The Adjustment of the Italians in America" (Honors)
    Carl Strikwerda + Hiroshi Kitamura, John Donahue
  • Sarika Reuben (High Honors)
    Chitralekha Zutshi + Hiroshi Kitamura, Deenesh Sohoni
  • Stuart Smith, "To Those Who Fought: The Pacific War's Place in American Historical Memory" (High Honors)
    Chandos Brown + Melvyn Ely, Walter Wenska
  • Joshua Specht, "Boodle-Carriers, Shovers, and Cony-Men: Counterfeiting in Nineteenth-Century America" (Highest Honors)
    Scott Nelson + Ronald Schechter, Tim Costelloe
  • David Williard, "'An Officer May Punish a Private, But He Dare not Curse Him': Social Values and Wartime Experience in the Army of Northern Virginia" (Highest Honors)
    Carol Sheriff + Melvyn Ely, David Holmes
  • Nora Wolf, "Popular Art and the Culture of Racism: Establishing the Semiotics of Race" (High Honors)
    Melvyn Ely + Kris Lane, Anne Charity
  • Brandon Wolfe, "'Democracy in Housing': Property Rights and the Civil Rights Movement in St. Louis, 1948-1968" (Highest Honors)
    Charles McGovern + Hiroshi Kitamura, Jackie McLendon
  • Joseph Bertini, "Capturing the Mandate of Heaven: State Control and Religion in Chinese History" (High Honors)
    Craig Canning + Walter Skya, Kevin Vose
  • Jennifer Brickey, "The Diary of Fanny Fain of Blountville: Defining Allegiance in Civil War East Tennessee" (Honors)
    Jim Whittenburg + Scott Nelson, Will Hausman
  • David Carey, "The Burden of Memory: German Holocaust Memorialization 1945-2005" (High Honors)
    Tuska Benes + Laurie Koloski, Clay Clemens
  • Sarah Cordes, "'Yanks' in Post-War Germany: The Role of Gis in the American Occupation of Germany, 1944-1949" (High Honors)
    Hiroshi Kitamura + Laurie Koloski, Rob Leventhal
  • Edward Geist, "Repressing the Unthinkable: Public Perceptions of Civil Defense in the Cold War" (High Honors)
    Hiroshi Kitamura + Charles McGovern, Tony Anemone
  • Kristi James, "Captured Innocence: Narratives of Children's Captivities Among the Indians, 1677-1874" (High Honors)
    James Axtell + Andrew Fisher, Kathleen Bragdon
  • Susanna Klosko, "Victims or Heros? The Chmielnicki Uprising and Jewish Interpretations of Martyrdom" (High Honors)
    Laurie Koloski + Ron Schechter, Naama Zahavi-Ely
  • Elizabeth McCrillis, "'Virginians are of Genuine Blood - They Will Dance or Die!': The Significant Role of Dance in Eighteenth Century Northern Neck Virginia" (Highest Honors)
    Jim Whittenburg + Andrew Fisher, Chris Nemacheck
  • Jonathon Miller, "Dueling Editors: Honor, the Duel, and the Public Sphere in Antebellum Virginia" (High Honors)
    Scott Nelson + Andrew Fisher, Phil Kearns
  • Caitlin Verboon, "Apostles of Democracy: The Green Family in Nineteenth Century Politics" (High Honors)
    Scott Nelson + Cindy Hahamovitch, Charles McGovern
  • Matthew Bernt
    Kevin Kelly + Paul Mapp, Clyde Haulman
  • Alison Ferguson
    Mel Ely + Carol Sheriff, Dee Royster
  • Brian Haynes
    Dale Hoak + Paul Mapp, John Conlee
  • Scott Hoffman
    James McCord + Laurie Koloski, Clay Clemens
  • Catherine Huennekens
    Dale Hoak + LuAnn Homza, Nancy Gray
  • Sharon Jones
    Jim Whittenburg + Jim Axtell, Bella Ginzbursky-Blum
  • Stuart Lilie
    Ronald Schechter + Paul Mapp, Giulia Pacini
  • Graham Nessler
    Kris Lane + Brett Rushforth, Ann Marie Stock, Kirsten Kellogg
  • Kate Pierce-McManamon
    Laurie Koloski and Bruce Campbell + Fred Corney, Ron Schechter
  • Peter Taylor
    James Whittenburg + Phil Daileader, Jennifer Taylor