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In its Honors Program the Geology Department awards Honors or High Honors  to student research projects. The projects listed below have been defended successfully, and a copy of the thesis deposited in Swem Library.

  • Student, "Thesis" (Honors level)
    Committee Chair + Other Committee Members
  • Megan Flansberg, "Priming for Supereruption: the Hot Pre-Peach Spring Tuff Lavas and Peach Spring Tuff Magmatic Enclaves, Black Mountains, Arizona" (High Honors) 
    Christopher Bailey + Brent Owens and Doug DeBerry
  • Michelle Hoon-Starr, "Knickpoints and Disequilibrium in an Ancient Orogen: A Study of Central Appalachian Channel Profiles Around Crabtree Falls, Virgina" (Honors) 
    Greg Hancock + Jakes Kaste and Marco Millones
  • Ciara Mills, "A Petrologic and Structural Analysis of Metavolcanic Rocks in the Western Piedmont and Eastern Blue Ridge Provinces, Central Virginia" (Honors) 
    Christopher Bailey + Brent Owens and Marylou Zapf
  • Hanna Bartram, "The Geometry, Kinematics, and History of the Thousand Lake Fault System, Central Utah" (Honors)
    Christopher M. Bailey + Brent E. Owens, Frederick H. Smith
  • William Brightly, "Olfactory Ratio as a Potential Proxy for Behavior in Theropoda" (Honors)
    Rowan Lockwood + John Swaddle, Christopher Bailey, Jon Allen
  • Ariel Deutsch, "Investigating Water Ice in Persistently Shadowed Craters in Mercury's North Polar Region" (High Honors)
    Christopher Bailey + Joel Levine, Heather Macdonald, Eugene Tracy
  • Jeffrey Knox, "Study of Oil-Mineral Interactions by Atomic Force Spectroscopy" (Honors)
    Hannes C. Schniepp + Christopher M. Bailey, Brent E. Owens
  • Charles Shobe, "Spatially Variable Rock Erodibility Related to the Interaction Between Erosion Rate and Weathering in Bedrock-Floored Channels, Great Falls Area, Virginia" (High Honors)
    Greg Hancock + Jim Kaste, Randy Chambers
  • Monica Stone, "An Assessment of the Frequency and Cause of Concentrated Flow on Agricultural Fields in the Virginia Coastal Plain Portion of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed" (Honors)
    Gregory Hancock + Stuart Hamilton, James Kaste
  • Ari Hartmann, "Newly Discovered Mesozoic Rift Basins in the Virginia Blue Ridge: Sedimentology, Provenance, Structure, and Tectonics" (High Honors)
    Christopher Bailey + Heather Macdonald, Greg Capelli, Scott Southworth
  • Karl Lang, "Lithologic and Structural Control on the Evolution of a Knickzone on the James River, Central Virginia Piedmont" (High Honors)
    Gregory Hancock + Christopher Bailey, Brent Owens, Sarah Stafford
  • Lauren Parker, "Evidence for Knickzone Generation and Landscape Disequilibrium Through Surficial Studies of the James River, Central Virginia Piedmont" (Honors)
    Gregory Hancock + Christopher Bailey, Heather Macdonald, Evan Feldman
  • Charles Plummer, "Searching for Tectonic Moments: Geochemical Tracers in Young Anatolian Basalts, Sivas, Turkey" (High Honors)
    Brent Owens + Christopher Bailey, Robert Pike, Tanya Furman (Penn State Geoscience)
  • Austin Pryor, "Examination of the abundance and geographic range of rare taxa: survivorship patterns of Miocene-Pliocene marine invertebrate fauna of the Virginia Coastal Plain" (High Honors)
    Rowan Lockwood and Karen Layou + Christopher Bailey, Chris Funk
  • Jessica Ball, "Geology and Geochemistry of the Osiris Trachyte, Fish Lake Plateau, Utal" (Highest Honors)
    Chuck Bailey + Brent Owens, Carey Bagdassarian
  • Christopher Bowles, "Structural Geometry and Deformation History of the Eastern Fish Lake Plateau, Utah" (Highest Honors)
    Chuck Bailey + Greg Hancock, John Swaddle
  • Erin Fenlon, "Quantifying the Morphology and Reconstructing the Phylogeny of Venericard Bivalves along the Gulf Coastal Plain during the Paleocene and Eocene" (High Honors)
    Rowan Lockwood + Heather Macdonald, Rochelle Seitz, Linda Ivany (Syracuse)
  • Eric Haug, "Surficial Geology of the UM Creek Drainage Basin, Fish Lake Plateau, Utah: Glaciation, Tectonics, and Mass Wasting" (High Honors)
    Chuck Bailey + Greg Hancock, James Allegro
  • Matthew Oreska, "Paleoecology of the Cloverly Formation (Lower Cretaceous) Vertebrate Fauna from Microvertebrate Sites in the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming" (High Honors)
    Rowan Lockwood + Heather Macdonald, John Swaddle, Matt Carrano (Smithsonian)
  • Laura Buchanan, "Kinematic and strain analysis of mylonites from the Suizo Mountains, Santa Catalina metamorphic core complex, Arizona USA" (High Honors)
    Christopher Bailey + Brent Owens, Brian Holloway
  • Sarah Kolbe, "Morphological Variability, Body Size, and Survivorship in Veneroid Bivalves During the Plio-Pleistocene Extinction in Florida" (Highest Honors)
    Rowan Lockwood + Heather Macdonald, George Gilchrist, Gene Hunt
  • Adam Forte
    Christopher Bailey + Brent Owens, Todd Averett
  • Andrea Philippoff
    Christopher Bailey + Greg Hancock, Ann Reed
  • Elizabeth Tennant
    Steven Kuehl + Katherine Farnsworth, Brent Owens, Michael Tierney
  • Kathleen Wooton
    Christopher Bailey + Brent Owens, J.C. Poutsma