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In its Honors Program the English Department awards Honors, High Honors, or Highest Honors to student research projects. The projects listed below have been defended successfully, and a copy of the thesis deposited in Swem Library. Click on highlighted links to access the thesis.

  • Student, "Thesis" (Honors level)
    Committee Chair + Other Committee Members
  • Leah Bailey, "Open Wounds, Shrunk...but Wounds Still: Mental Illness in the Life and Literature of F. Scott Fitzgerald" (Honors) 
    Henry Hart + Walter Wenska, Melanie Dawson and Todd Thrash
  • Maria Dougherty, "Eugenides' The Virgin Suicides and Zuzak's The Book Thief: Impossible Narration in Millennial Fiction" (High Honors)  
    Colleen Kennedy + Deborah Morse, Brian Castleberry and Charles Palermo
  • Diana Floegel, ""How Do I Know What I Think Till I See What I Say?" William James's and Carl Jung's Ideas on the Unconscious Mind as Applied to Stegner" (High Honors) 
    Mary Ann Melfi + Susan Donaldson, Chelsey Johnson and Megan Sinton
  • Amanda Foody, "The Spider & The Fly" (High Honors) 
    Chelsey Johnson + Jennifer Putzi, Nancy Schoenberger, Jennifer Stevens
  • Molly Greer, "Girls Without Faces and Other Stories" (High Honors) 
    Chelsey Johnson + Hermine Pinson, Brian Castleberry and Lindy Johnson
  • Zachary Hardy, "A Constant Unfolding of Far-Resonate Action': George Eliot's 'Middlemarch,' Spinoza, and the Ethics of Power" (High Honors) 
    Adam Potkay + Simon Joyce, Deborah Morse and Rob Leventhal
  • Beatrice Loayza, "Deconstructing Terror: The Political Theatre of Harold Pinter, Caryl Churchill, and Martin Crimp" (Honors)
    Varum Begley + Christy Burns, Colleen Kennedy and Rob Leventhal
  • Dana Lotito, "Portraits of Strangers" (Highest Honors) 
    Chelsey Johnson + Nancy Schoenberger, Walt Wenska and Michele Lelievre
  • William Marsh, "Thrown Into America: Existentialism in the New World" (Honors) 
    Arthur Knight + Chris MacGowan, Christy Burns and Tim Costelloe
  • Stephanie Mason, "Bouts of Brain Fever: Female Rebellion and the Dubiety of Illness in Victorian Fiction" (Honors) 
    Deborah Morse + Suzanne Raitt, Kim Wheatley and Kathrin Levitan
  • Sarah Schuster, "A Product of Her Body As Well As Soul" : Narrative Fullness and the Feminine Body in the Work of Julia Ward Howe" (Highest Honors) 
    Jennifer Putzi + Melanie Dawson, Kara Thompson and Karin Wulf
  • Claire Weaver, "He Do the Police in Different Voices: the Influence of Detective Fiction in T.S. Eliot's Works" (Honors) 
    Simon Joyce + Henry Hart, Chris MacGowan and Charlie McGovern
  • Nora Riesenberg, "Taboos and Primitivism: James Frazer, H.G. Wells, and the Intersection of Anthropology and Science Fiction" (Honors)
    Melanie Dawson + William Fisher, Christy Burns, Mary Melfi
  • Catherine Strycharz, "A New Wessex: The Influence fo Shakespeare on Genre in the Novels of Thomas Hardy" (High Honors)
    Deborah Morse, Paula Blank + Suzanne Raitt, Erin Minear, Laurie J. Wolf
  • Rory Sullivan, "'A Density of Meaning': Literary Representations of the British Museum, 1818-1929" (Highest Honors)
    Suzanne Raitt + Kim Wheatley, Thomas Heacox, Sibel Zandi-Sayek
  • Jordan Sutlive, "Memory Dress: Fiction and Nonfiction Inspired by Fukushima" (Highest Honors)
    Chelsey Johnson + Nancy Schoenberger, Brian Castleberry, Joanna Schug
  • Olivia Sweet, "'Things as they are/Are changed upon the blue guitar': Wallace Stevens and the Visual Arts" (Highest Honors)
    Christopher MacGowan + Henry Hart, Christy Burns, Charles Palermo
  • Corinne Tucker, "The Reverie Genre: Rousseau, Dostoevsky, Eliot, and the Roots of Modern Consciousness" (High Honors)
    Adam Potkay + Brett Wilson, Guilia Pacini, Erin Minear
  • Rachel Watson, "Charlotte Brontë's Other Belgian Novel: Sex, the Foreign Body, and the Legacy of Brussels in Jane Eyre" (Honors)
    Deborah Denenholz Morse + Kim Wheatley, Suzanne Raitt, Kathrin Levitan
  • Kayla Ainsworth, "'Can't They Stop the Guns?' Trauma and Inter-War Detective Fiction" (High Honors)
    Simon Joyce + Richard Lowry, M. Lee Alexander, Michael Butler
  • Hannah Barnhart, "'The Art of Questioning': Interrogations of Exceptionalist History and Cultural Mythology in the Novels of Salman Rushdie and William Faulkner" (Honors)
    Susan Donaldson + Simon Joyce, Colleen Kennedy, Chitralekha Zutshi
  • Madeline Benjamin, "'Wit so rare and grace so peerless': The Collaborative Construction of Frances Sargent Osgood's Public Image" (High Honors)
    Jennifer Putzi + Elizabeth Barnes, Melanie Dawson, Karin Wulf
  • Hannah Boes, "A Love Story, a Tragedy, or Both" (Highest Honors)
    Chelsey Johnson + Nancy Gray, Kara Thompson, Jennifer Stevens
  • Danielle Clarke, "'All Persons Living and Dead are Purely Coincidental': Unity, Dissolution, and the Humanist Wampeter of Kurt Vonnegut's Universe" (High Honors)           Colleen Kennedy + Varun Begley, Nancy Gray, Charles Palermo
  • Miles Drawdy, "'See here my show': Providence and the Theatrum Mundi in Thomas Kyd's The Spanish Tragedy" (High Honors)
    James Savage + Monica Brzezinski Potkay, Brett D. Wilson, Richard H. Palmer
  • Elyse Endick, "Freedomland" (Highest Honors)
    Nancy Schoenberger + Arthur Knight, Brian Castleberry, Antoine Krieger
  • Eleanor Pace, "'As the Work has its Origin in Love': Masculine Responsibility and the Economy of Sympathy in Anti-Tom Novels, 1852-1854" (High Honors) 
    Jennifer Putzi + Melanie Dawson, Elizabeth Barnes, Melvin Ely
  • Ashley Ahlbrand, "Katherine Anne Porter's Search for a Narrative for the Female Artist as a Young Woman" (High Honors)
    Susan Donaldson + Liz Barnes, Walter Wenksa, Kathleen Slevin
  • Naomi Dreyer, "'We Belong Nowhere': Exile and Identity in Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children, Rohinton Minstry's A Fine Balance, and Arundhati Roy's The God of Sma" (Honors)
    Simon Joyce + Deborah Morse, Nancy Gray, Chitralekha Zutshi
  • Lauren Klapper-Lehman, "'That All-Presupposing Fact': Darwinian Narratives and Gender Concerns in Elizabeth Gaskell's Sylvia's Lovers and Wives and Daughters and George Eliot" (High Honors)
    Deborah Morse + Christy Burns, Simon Joyce, Kathrin Levitan
  • Sally Masters, "Secular Pilgrims: Nineteenth-Century American Refigurations of The Pilgrim's Progress" (Honors)
    Melanie Dawson + Jennifer Putzi, Susan Donaldson
  • Kelli Monahan, "Li Chi" (High Honors)
    Henry Hart + Tom Heacox, Emily Pease, Xin Yang
  • Jenna Morgan, "Duende's Shadow: A Novel" (High Honors)
    Eva Burch, + Emily Pease, John Gamber, Silvia Tandeciarz
  • Brittney Pescatore, "Beyond the Boundaries of Definition: A Vocabulary of Process Applied to the Contemporary American Short Story" (Honors)
    Nancy Gray + Colleen Kennedy, Jackie McLendon, Laurie Wolf
  • Vandhana Rao, "The Re-Writing of Feminine Aesthetic in Charlotte Bronte's Villette and George Eliot's Daniel Deronda" (High Honors)
    Deborah Morse + Simon Joyce, Christy Burns, Laurie Wolf
  • Colleen Schneider, "Reinterpreting the Word and Redefining the Sacred: Johannine Language and Themes in the Works of the Bronte Sisters" (Honors)
    M. Potkay, D. Morse + Terry Meyers, Mary Ann Melfi, John Morreall
  • Matthew Sherrill, "The Anxiety of Acquaintance and the Inevitability of Influence: Matthew Arnold, William Wordsworth, and their Personal and Poetic Relationship" (High Honors)
    Terry Meyers + Deborah Morse, Kim Wheatley, Kathrin Levitan
  • Kirsten Simonsen, "A Comedian's Tragedy: Colley Cibber versus the Canon" (Honors)
    Brett Wilson + Paula Blank, Erin Minear, Richard Palmer
  • Robin Smith, "The Poetics of Duty: Revovering the Poetry of Rose Terry Cooke" (High Honors)
    Jennifer Putzi + Liz Barnes, Hermine Pinson, Philip Daileader
  • Margo Dey, "Capturing 'The Whole': The Evolution of Virginia Woolf's Narrative Form" (High Honors)
    Christy Burns + Tom Heacox, Nancy Gray, Clyde Haulman
  • Michael Dominguez, "Ben Jonson, George Bernard Shaw, and Political Economy on the English Stage" (Honors)
    Paula Blank + James Savage, Tom Heacox, Christopher Owens
  • Thomas Garnett, "The Bildungsroman in World War II Fiction" (Honors)
    Chris MacGowan + John Conlee, Deborah Morse, Chandos Brown
  • Carol Gross
    Peter Wiggins + Monica Potkay, Suzanne Hagedorn, George Greenia
  • Daniella Grossman, "Rewriting Historical Discourse and Feminine Mythologies in Mexico: Carlos Fuentes' Alternative Modernity in The Death of Artemio Cruz and Terra Nostra" (High Honors)
    Christy Burns + Colleen Kennedy, Nancy Gray, Teresa Longo
  • Caitlin Melchior, "'A Lesson in the Effect of Echoes': Decoding Don DeLillo's White Noise and Americana" (High Honors)
    Henry Hart + Christy Burns, Adam Potkay, Max de Gaynesford
  • Jessica Miller, "'Of a Multitude Moved by One Sympathy' Charles Dickens and Serial Publishing" (Honors)
    Adam Potkay + Simon Joyce and Deborah Morse, Carter Hailey, Joel Schwartz
  • Virginia Pasley, "Attitudes Toward the Antebellum Past in Post-Civil War Southern Literature: Nostalgia, Anti-Nostalgia, and Escapism" (Honors)
    Robert Scholnick + Melanie Dawson, Chris MacGowan, Kim Phillips
  • Angela Polidoro, "'The animal withinÉ' The Gentleman and the Animal in Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heighs, Charles Dicken's Great Expectations and Robert LouisÉ" (High Honors)
    Monica Potkay + Simon Joyce and Deborah Morse, Mary Ann Melfi, Dan Cristol
  • Christina Rodriguez, "The Dolls in the Doll House: Female Sexual Repression in Dickens" (Honors)
    Kim Wheatley + Deborah Morse, Monica Potkay, Leisa Meyer
  • Christopher Scheina, "The Authorship of Edward II" (High Honors)
    Carter Hailey + James Savage, Brett Wilson, Dale Hoak
  • Kelly Singleton, "On the Use and Abuse of Narrative: A Postmodern Analysis of Terrry Pratchett's Discworld" (High Honors)
    Colleen Kennedy + Christy Burns, John Conlee, Silvia Tandeciarz
  • Emily Strauss, "To an Old Poet in Hartford: The Late Poems of Wallace Stevens" (High Honors)
    Henry Hart + Christopher MacGowan, Jack Willis, John Eisele
  • Mary Teeter, "Re-humanizing Rochester: Space and Power in Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre" (High Honors)
    Kim Wheatley + Deborah Morse & Simon Joyce, Jenny Putzi,, Tamara Sonn
  • Julia Tony, "'Remember me, and these my exhortations!': Tracking Wordsworth's Self-Portrayals in 'Vaudracour and Julia,' Tintern Abbey, and 'Strange fits of passion'" (Honors)
    Adam Potkay + Kim Wheatley, Brett Wilson, Giulia Pacini
  • Maxwell Uphaus, "'You World Have Stayed Me with Some Parable': J.R.R. Tolkien, David Jones, and the Re-Mythologizing of the Great War" (Highest Honors)
    John Conlee + Walter Wenska, Stanley Kusteski, Melvin Ely
  • Meghan Whitehead, "Crossguns: A Novel" (Highest Honors)
    Susan Donaldson + Henry Hart, Emily Pease, John Moore
  • Abigail Adams
    Chris MacGowan + Suzanne Raitt, Henry Hart, Laurie Wolf
  • Bernadette Guthrie
    Monica Potkay + Thomas Heacox, Varun Begley, Laurie Wolf
  • Selina Spinos
    Varun Begley + Christy Burns, Simon Joyce, Ron Schechter
  • Claire Wimbush
    Henry Hart + Nancy Schoenberger, Christy Burns, William Hutton