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In its Honors Program the Chemistry Department awards one level of Honors to student research projects. The projects listed below have been defended successfully, and a copy of the thesis deposited in Swem Library.

  • Student, "Thesis" (Honors level)
    Committee Chair + Other Committee Members
  • Christian Chamberlayne, "Initiation of Photochemical Reactions via FRET from Fluorescent Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticles" (Honors) 
    Elizabeth Harbron + Tyler Meldrum, Robert Orwoll and Chad Vance
  • Patrick Crossland, "First-­‐Row Transition Metal Coordination Compounds for the Electrocatalytic Generation of Hydrogen from Organic and Aqueous Solutions" (Honors)
    William McNamara + Robert Pike, Carey Bagdassarian and Kurt Williamson
  • Jacob Daniels, "Novel Methodologies to Study Protein S-glutathiolation Using Fluorescence Spectroscopy" (Honors)
    Lisa Landino + Gary Rice, Christopher Abelt and Pamela Hunt
  • John Gray, "Diffusion-Based Biomolecular Sensing Using Low-Field NMR" (Honors)
    Tyler Meldrum + Gary Rice, Douglas Young and Shanta Hinton
  • Natalie Hudson-Smith, "The Effect of Functionalized Versus Unmodified Graphene Oxide on Polyimide Nanocomposite Properties" (Honors)
    David E. Kranbuehl + John Poutsma, Robert Orwoll and Michael Leruth
  • Hae Seong Kim, "Incorporation of Graphene Oxide into Polyacrylic Films for Enhancement of Performance Properties" (Honors) 
    David E. Kranbuehl + Hannes Schniepp, Robert Pike and Randolph Coleman
  • Taylor Lain, "Thiols in Glycolysis: Effects of Cysteine Modification on Pyruvate Kinase Activity" (Honors)
    Lisa Landino + Douglas Young, John Poutsma and Mark Forsyth
  • Maren Leibowitz, "Studies Directed Toward the Synthesis of Aristopyridinone A" (Honors) 
    Jonathan Scheerer + Robert Hinkle, Elizabeth Harbron and Harmony Dalgleish
  • Kathryn Mayer, "Electro- and Photocatalytic Generation of Hydrogen by Iron Polypyridyl Complexes" (Honors)
    William R. McNamara + Gary Rice, Robert Hinkle and Randolph Chambers
  • Johnathan Maza, "Development of Novel Chemical Techniques to Address Biological Questions" (Honors) 
    Douglas Young + Lisa Landino, William McNamara and Mark Forsyth
  • Benjamin Raliski, "Development of a Site-Selective Protein Immobilization Methodology Using Unnatural Amino Acids" (Honors)
    Douglas Young + Kristin Wustholz, Lisa Landino and Matthew Wawersik
  • Jarrell Raper, "High Performance Co-Polyimide Synthesis for Cosmic Radiation Shielding" (Honors)
    Robert OrwollRobert Hinkle, Richard Kiefer and Robert Scholnick
  • Grace Taumoefolau, "Synthesis and Characterization of pH-Sensitive Rhodamine 6G Spirolactam Structures" (Honors)
    Elizabeth Harbron + Deborah Bebout, Robert Hinkle and Gexin Yu
  • Jordan Villa, "Unnatural Amino Acids in Proteins for Development of Novel Biochemical Tools" (Honors) 
    Douglas Young + Deborah Bebout, Elizabeth Harbron and Diane Shakes
  • Catherine Wise, "The Electro- and Photocatalytic Activity of a Ni-NNSS Schiff-Base Complex for Hydrogen Generation" (Honors)
    William R. McNamara + Robert Pike, Kristin Wustholz and Leslie Waters
  • Congqi Yang, "Cu(I) Networks with Polycyanoaromatic Ligands" (Honors) 
    Robert Pike + William McNamara, Robert Hinkle and David Armstrong
  • Gannon Connor, "An Iron Polypyridyl Electrocatalyst for Hydrogen Generation in Aqueous Solutions" (Honors)
    William R. McNamara + James P. Barber, Robert D. Pike, Kristin Wustholz
  • Christopher Farley, "Synthesis of a Novel Unnatural Amino Acid for Protein Incorporation and Click Mediated Conjugation" (Honors)
    Douglas Young + Christopher Abelt, Robert Hinkle, Matthew Wawersik
  • Geoffrey Geberth, "Increasing the Hydrogen Content of Aromatic Polyimides for Radiation Shielding" (Honors)
    Robert Orwoll + Paul Bhasin, Richard Kiefer, Kristin Wustholz
  • Christopher Komatsu, "Evaluation of the Tensile, Water Diffusion, and Water Hydrolysis Properties of Graphene Oxide/Polyamide-11 Composites and Their Synthesis" (Honors)
    David Kranbuehl + Christopher J. Abelt, David W. Thompson, Daniel J. Doherty
  • Jaclyn McKenna, "Bioconjugation and Photo-Activation of Small Molecules and Unnatural Amino Acids" (Honors)
    Douglas Young + John Poutsma, Michael Deschenes
  • Kelsey Miller, "Studies Directed Toward the Synthesis of Asymmetric Loline Alkaloids" (Honors)
    Jonathan Scheerer + Robert Hinkle, Elizabeth Harbron, Jonathan Swaddle
  • Alana Ogata, "Modeling Dispersive Electron-Transfer Dynamics in Single Dye Molecules on TiO2" (Honors)
    Kristin Wustholz + Elizabeth Harbron, Tyler Meldrum, Tanujit Dey
  • Carolina Ramirez, "Synthesis and Characterization of Cadmium(II) Complexes with Biologically Inspired Multidentate Ligands" (Honors ) 
    Deborah Bebout + Robert Pike, John Poutsma, Shanta Hinton, William McNamara
  • Anne Rhudy, "Organic Acid Absorption Characteristics of Unplasticized Polyamide-11" (Honors)
    David Kranbuehl + Gary Rice, Julie Agnew
  • Matthew Dongen, "Cobalt Salen Complexes for Catalytic Hydrogen Production" (Honors)
    William R. McNamara + Robert D. Pike, Kristin L. Wustholz, Scott B. Ickes
  • Natalie Wong, "Photophysics of Single Rhodamine Dye Molecules on TiO2 Substrates" (Honors)
    Kristin Wustholz + Christopher Abelt, William McNamara, Matthew Wawersik