For Current Scholars

WMSURE Workshops

WMSURE offers weekly workshops that include one-on-one and small group advising for students on topics such as:

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Come visit us during WMSURE office hours to discuss your questions about research and how to get started. Also, check out our faculty mentors (in the side menu) for faculty in your discipline.

Benefits of Research

Engaging in  research prepares students to excel in the job market and graduate school by improving their critical thinking skills, persuasive writing ability, and creativity. Undergraduate research is particularly critical to the persistence of underrepresented students in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields. Learn more about how individual students have benefitted from research experiences through WMSURE.

Honors Research

WMSURE introduces students to multiple research opportunities. A culminating research experience for many WMSURE scholars is the Honors Project, or thesis. Learn more about the process of conducting an Honors Project and the difference between Honors Projects and honors in GPA.