On the contributions of Sharpe Community Scholars to the Local Community:

"Our Sharpe Scholars have helped us to see our housing program from a different perspective. I am amazed at how focused these college freshmen are. I don't recall such a spirit of commitment when I was their age. I think the Sharpe Program is providing an elevation of social consciousness via hands-on involvement."
-Vaughn Poller, Community Development Specialist, James City County Office of Housing and Community Development

"For years, the James City Clean County Commission met at its annual retreats and discussed community outreach strategies, but we never had the resources to implement any of our ideas. Then a few Sharpe students joined our team. This year's retreat featured two new web-sites, a brochure for the commission, community-based research findings, increased activity within the county schools, and the seeds of a real outreach plan. The students have been able to get projects done that we have wanted for years, and we cannot express too strongly our appreciation for their good work."
-Alan Bennet, James City County Clean County Commission

"The work and projects that the Sharpe students at William and Mary are taking on are exciting and important. How refreshing for students to have the opportunity to learn and accomplish real-life tasks. We are fortunate to have outstanding leadership from faculty and administrators who believe and stress interaction with the real world. Thank you students!"
-The Virginia Gazette

"An historically rich and important relationship exists between the City and the College. With the Sharpe Community Scholars Program, this relationship reaches a new level. We value the contributions of William and Mary student volunteers whose work with our local non-profits and government agencies strengthens the fabric of this community, making the City and the College's relationship that much more tangible and vital."
-Jeanne Zeidler, Mayor of the City of Williamsburg