Sharpe Alumni and Friends

The Sharpe Community Scholars Program welcomes alumni involvement in a broad range of engaged academic opportunities: engaged learning courses and projects, network development and mentoring, events, fundraising, consulting and more. Please contact Sharpe's director, Monica D. Griffin at 757-221-2460 to learn more about ways to get involved with community engagement and scholarship at William & Mary. 

Sharpe Program Alumni Network

The William & Mary Alumni Association hosts web sites for alumni groups interested in maintaining contact with the College and with one another. Alumni of the Sharpe Program can stay current on Sharpe events and stay in touch with one another by registering under the Sharpe Interest Group at http:/

Sharpe-Alumni Partnership in Community-Based Learning

On the eve of their 30 Year Reunion, an alumni group of seven families (aka:  The Hundred Acre Wood group) initiated a partnership with the College to support and participate in community-based learning.  The Hundred Acre Wood group were participants in the "Project Plus" living-learning community in the mid-1970's.  When they studied Alvin Toffler's Future Shock, they focused heavily on what people in the future would do with enormous amounts of leisure time afforded by mass advances in technology.  Thirty years later, they found that the scarcest, most precious commodity they had to share with others was their time.  Each year the group returns to Williamsburg for a couple days to engage in outreach projects with students and learn about the engaged scholarship that is supported by their financial contribution to Sharpe Summer Grants.

Private Support for the Sharpe Community Scholars Program

Contributions to the Sharpe Program support students who engage in community-based research projects that are led by professors in collaboration with community leaders, public officials, social entrepreneurs, non-profit managers and others. Financial donations are used to support students' travel and purchase materials required for socially responsive research.  Where designated, funds are provided for faculty to develop new courses and more fully involve students in engaged scholarship. To contribute online and learn more, please visit our private support webpage.