Program Goals

The Sharpe Community Scholars Program provides a unique setting for first year students to develop:

  • The ability to work with others to promote social change, understand community needs, and cultivate community assets
  • An understanding of the processes by which public issues are defined, debated, and addressed
  • The communication skills and confidence to be effective participants and leaders in group discussions, debates, and collective decision making processes
  • Valuable connections with faculty members and peers based on shared co-curricular and related curricular interests and experiences
  • An appreciation for opportunities in the wider community, with the potential to extend and inform their programs of study at the College
  • The capacity to adopt a variety of perspectives on social problems and to examine the ethical dimensions of issues arising in the context of community engagement and research on social and civic matters
  • An appreciation for the College's general education goals as they relate to students preparing to assume roles as engaged citizen-scholars living in a diverse democratic society
  • A deeper understanding of ideas and concepts from courses linked to their community and public service experiences