Honors Colloquium

FEBRUARY 17- 27, 2014

Through this annual event, students pursuing Honors projects have the chance to present their work to faculty members and their fellow students.

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Everyone is welcome to attend!

If you have any questions about the Colloquium please contact [[ecneid,Libby Neidenbach]].

Letter to Honors students from Lisa Grimes:

You are invited to take part in William and Mary's Fifteenth Annual Honors Colloquium. This year's Colloquium will take place February 17- 27, 2014 with afternoon and evening sessions in Blow Memorial Hall Room 201. The Colloquium provides honors students with an opportunity to present your ideas to an interdisciplinary audience, allowing you to gain oral presentation practice and feedback on your project at a stage where it can have some influence.  While participation in the Honors Colloquium is completely voluntary, it is a great way to prepare for your thesis defense!

Two student presentations will be scheduled in each one-hour block. Each student will give a 20-minute presentation consisting of a concise summation of their thesis accessible to an audience of non-specialists. Audience members (thesis advisors, members of the thesis committee, other faculty, underclassmen in the discipline, friends, family, and anyone the presenter wishes to invite) will have ten minutes to ask questions after each presentation.  I strongly encourage you to invite the members of your examining committee.