Weingartner Global Initiative

Werner WeingartnerThe Weingartner Global Initiative began in 2008 thanks to the generosity of Werner  and Mary Anne Weingartner.  The Initiative is designed to provide students -- guided by faculty advisers but working with considerable independence -- an opportunity to study and propose resolutions to important domestic and global policy issues. Students are encouraged, where appropriate, to reach out to students at other universities to contribute to their research and participate in the deliberative process that will bring their work to a conclusion.

Students who are selected to coordinate this effort are named Weingartner Global Policy Fellows, and the course in which they do their work is called the Weingartner Seminar.

The next Weingartner Global Initiative cycle is scheduled for the 2015 calender year. All William and Mary students, regardless of major, are invited to apply to be Weingartner Global Policy Fellows and to participate in the Weingartner seminar in spring and fall terms, 2015. As detailed in the description below, Policy Fellows will receive 2 credits in each of these semesters and may also receive the possibility of research funding in summer, 2015. Information about the application process is also below. The faculty coordinators for the 2015 cycle will be Clay Clemens (Government) and Joel Schwartz (Government and Charles Center).