Lisa Sthreshley

Lisa Sthreshley was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo and grew up – for the majority of her life - in Kinshasa.  In year 2008 Lisa graduated from high school and went to attend the College of WilliamLisa and Mary where, after eight long semesters of hard work and ambiguity, Lisa emerged as an Anthropology and French double major. During her time at the college she has enjoyed participating in the International Relations Club and the African Cultural Society. Now Lisa looks to the future. After graduation she hopes to go to attend graduate school and acquire a Masters in International Public Health.

Does Congo Really Need Us?

Summary: This article examines some of the critical perspectives aid workers are expressing about the role international aid and development in developing countries, particularly in eastern Congo. It also explores some of the ways that NGO work could be improved.

This past summer, I did anthropology research in eastern Congo and was exposed to a side of the NGO world I had never seen before. Inspiration for this article was based on that experience and conversations I held with aid workers then and after, particularly my conversations with Nikki D’Errico.

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