Lizzy Pelletier

Lizzy Pelletier is a senior at William & Mary and a native of Rockville, Maryland. As a double major in Film Studies and Public Policy, she is interested in the ways in which the policy arenaLizzy Pelletier intersects with the world of media and communications—specifically, how policy issues are conveyed to the public through various forms of media. Lizzy has been involved in a variety of activities at William & Mary. She is currently serving as station manager for William & Mary Television, leading public relations efforts for the W&M Global Film Festival, and studying education policy as a research assistant for Professor Paul Manna in the Government department. 

Testing in Harm's Way

After the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012, students in Newtown, Connecticut received a waiver from taking their standardized tests that year. This article examines the waiver in more detail, delving into the process behind this nearly unprecedented exemption from testing requirements. The debate over the Newtown waiver (and the other ways that educational accountability policies do or do not take situations like the Sandy Hook tragedy into account) speaks to broader issues about high-stakes testing and accountability in schools.

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