Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Grants

William and Mary is grateful for the generous support that the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has provided to undergraduate initiatives. This has included a number of substantial grants in recent years.

1) The College's program in Environmental Science and Policy was started with funding from the Mellon Foundation in 2002.

2) The Center for Geospatial Analysis was launched with Foundation funds in 2008.

3) The Environmental Science and Policy postdoc program was initiated with Mellon funding, also in 2008.

4) Integrating Undergraduate Research Across the Curriculum at The College of William and Mary (2007-2009). This grant has had two core objectives: to move undergraduate research into the curriculum, and to move it across the curriculum, into the sciences, humanities, and social sciences. Over the three-year period, the grant supported 36 curriculum development projects in the humanities, 27 in the social sciences, and 18 in the sciences and mathematics. Report from each of the three years of the grant:

5) Undergraduate Research in Global Studies: Three FacultyPositions that will Institutionalize Undergraduate Research and Faculty Collaboration Across Five Global Studies Programs (2011-2015). This grant will seed three faculty positions that will embed undergraduate research curricula in Global Studies fields.

6)  Bridged Retirements: A Strategy for Perpetual Faculty and Curriculum renewal in the Humanities at the College of William and Mary (funded March, 2012). This grant will fund perpetual bridge funding for three tenure-eligible positions in humanities/arts departments.  The dean will use “pre-replacements” of anticipated retirements to energize departments and bring their research and teaching into alignment with evolving College objectives.   

7) The Implementation of The College of William and Mary’s New Liberal Arts General Education Curriculum (funded June, 2014).  After a two-year deliberation process the William and Mary faculty adopted a new general education curriculum in December, 2013.  This grant will help accelerate the implementation of this new curriculum by funding an ambitious curriculum development initiative and providing bridge funding for several key instructional and administrative positions.