Summer Research Showcase

The Summer Research Showcase is the Charles Center's annual undergraduate research event. The Showcase provides students who received summer research funding from the Charles Center a chance to present their work. Everyone is welcome to come check out the exciting research being done by William & Mary undergraduates!

The 2017 Summer Research Showcase schedule will be updated as soon as it is available. Thank you for your patience. 


2016 Summer Research Showcase Schedule

Monday, September 26 

ORAL PRESENTATIONS: Blow 201, 2:00-5:00 p.m.

2:00-2:30 | Ranjani Parthasarathy, Seeing Red: Testing a Reporting Tool 

2:30-3:00 | Monica Cronin, On the Warpath: In the Footsteps of the American Combat Infantrymen in the World Wars

3:00-3:30 | Luke Maclay, "Living History": Historical Memory, National Identity, and Heritage Breeds of Livestock

3:30-4:00 | Susannah PhilbrickMaterial Manifestations of Death in the Lives of 17th and 18th Century Virginia Children

4:00-4:30 | Ellen Yates, Prefrontal, temporal, and amygdalar convergence in the ventromedial striatum: implications for Huntington's Disease

4:30-5:00 | Thomas Le, Feed Your Feelings: The Intersections of Emotion Regulation and Eating Behavior

Tuesday, September 27

POSTER PRESENTATIONS | Blow 201, 9:30-11:00 a.m.

Melanie Berger, Gas-Phase Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange of Lysine Containing Tetrapeptides

Hannah Bunting, Cultural Neuroscience: an fMRI Study in Tokyo

Jonathan Collins, On Numerically Distinct Latin Squares

Mason Davis, The Rise of Oral Histories since World War II

Chen Dong, Localization of neuronal and neural progenitor cells in Xenopus laevis central nervous system during secondary neurogenesis

Ebimene Doubeni, Understanding Colorism Through Perceptions and Social Interactions of African Diasporic Women

Waverly Garner, The Effects of Cardenolide Diversity Upon the Development and Mortality of Early Instar Monarch Caterpillars

Lydia Heaton, The Daughters of Founding Fathers in Paris

Aiden Hennessey-Niland, The Effect of Playing-Field Surface-Type on MLS Team Health and Performance

Sonia JindalMicrofinance: Sustainability and Potential Practical Applications in Esfuerzo de Paraiso

Giovanna Lesser, Effect of Aesthetic Preferences on Environmental Policy Preferences

Sarah Martin, AidData Summer Fellowship at CERSGIS in Accra, Ghana

Micailya Mattson, Noise-Induced Hearing Loss and Axonal Integrity

Matthew McGuinness, Modeling Remyelination in Multiple Sclerosis

Rachel Merriman-Goldring, Engaging with Environmental Injustice?: A Study of the External Communications of Chesapeake Bay Nonprofits 

Jordan Moghanaki, Dispersion of Boron Nitride Nanotubes with Biocompatible Amphiphiles

Eileen Nakahata, A Floristic Inventory of the James River Park System

Zach Oppler, Aneuploidy in Saccharomyces cerevisiae 

Megan Screen, Artificial Photosynthesis: Hydrogen Fuel Generation via Transition Metal Complexes

Abigail Simon, When Texisse and Nudare Are Not a Contradiction: Sulpicia's Nuanced Approach to Erotic Language

Rachel Smith, Prosecutorial Discretion in the Local Context 

Brooke Stephenson, Oh Brother- A Creative Nonfiction Narrative in the Great Smoky Mountains

Colleen Truskey, "It's All About the Food": Food and Sovereignty on the White Earth Indian Reservation, Minnesota

Leilani Wolf, Korean American Voting Behavior in the 2016 Presidential Election and the American Political Future

Jonah Yesowitz, Assessing the Efficacy of Social Risk Warning Labels for Smoking Cessation in Young Adults

Tuesday, September 27

POSTER PRESENTATIONS | Blow 201, 3:30-5:00 p.m.

Caroline Abbott, Structure and Kinematics of the Castle Cliff Fault in the Basin and Range Region in Southern Utah

Layla Abi-Falah, Spatial Inequality in Sub-Saharan Africa

Neha Agrawal, Early Marriage and Sexual and Reproductive Health among Mahadalit Youth in Bihar, India: A Community-Based Participatory Research Approach

Dana Baraki, The Effects of Amyloid-Beta 42 on Sustained Attention

Courtney Blackington, Hooligans or Saboteurs? Analyzing Democratic Backsliding in Eastern Europe

Jacob Brammer, You Are What You Eat: The Monarch Butterfly and its Milkweed Cardenolides

Dan Brown, The Effect of Facebook on Political Ideology

Colin Castro, Comparing Business Models and Revenue Streams of the NFL and EPL

Haoge Chang, TP and TN matrix completion problem: border pattern

Emily Chicules, International Business Across the U.S.-Canada Border

Marisa Choffel, A Treacherous Pigment: Applying Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering to Art Conservation 

Will Cranford, Examining the Connection between the Physics of Standing Waves and Tonal Theory through the Piano

Catherine Crowley, AidData Summer Fellowship with USAID/Senegal

Bernadette Deschaine, Using Evolution to Disrupt Biofilms

Meghan Downey, Discourse & Disempowerment

Jacob Feldmann, The Effects of Amyloid-Beta Plaque (42) on the Basal Forebrain Cholinergic System

Laura Ferraro, Art Exploration in Japan

Christine Fulgham, "Who Loves Like That?": A Play to Bring Sex Trafficking to the Light

Logan George, Pigment Placers: Determining Genes Responsible for Petal Design Variation

Kira Holmes, Does Groundwater Residence Time Increase with Increasing Impervious Surface Cover?

Liz Jacob, Precarious Profitability, Compromised Justice, and Transnational Mobilization: An Exploration of Marketing and Promotion Within the Global Infant Formula Industry

Kevin Kay, Composing Sound: A Spectralist Approach to the Vibrations of the Universe

Christine Kim, The effect of mycorrhizal fungi on the herbivory tolerance of the common milkweed

Polly Lauer, Community Radio and Identity in Guatemala

Harshini Malapati, The Impact of Thyroid Hormone Receptor Mutations on the Development of Hepatocellular Carcinoma

John Marken, William and Mary iGEM 2016: A Genetic Circuit Control Toolbox

Sarah Mehaffey, How presidential candidates' language use demonstrates, reinforces, and subverts power

Bennett Mertz, Adsorption of Light Sensitive Surfactant Aggregates on Graphene

Kathleen Nelsen, Improving Auto Paint Analysis with Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy

Nicholas Newberry, Do Birds Influence the Suburban Housing Market?

Eve Pugsley, Do Interpersonal Contexts Modulate Distress Tolerance Capabilities?

Dalton Ruggieri, Jerusalem Pilgrimages During Late Antiquity

Michael Sparrow, Choral Interpretation of Tolkien's Elvish Verse

Libby Towell, Social Class and the Consumption/Saving Tradeoff

Hong-Ahn Tran, Sensor molecules of fluorescent protein and fluorophore dye

Wednesday, September 28

POSTER PRESENTATIONS | Blow 201, 9:30-11:00 a.m.

Michelle Barbeau,  Receptors Gone Rogue: Investigating Localization of a Cancerous Thyroid Hormone Receptor

McNeill Bauer, Factors Regulating Enhanced Atmospheric Deposition Across High Elevation Thresholds

Megan Campbell, Physiological Basis of Migraine

Margaret Collins, Soundscape of Montpellier: Exploring the Construction of Sonic Environments

Dan Delmonaco, The W&M Mattachine Project

Kristen Ekstrom, Dignity and Self-Respect

Colleen Flynn, A Comparative Study of the Biomechanics of Coiling Tendril

Eric Gelles, Mobile Phone Ownership and Women's Empowerment: An Alternative Measure

Jacopo Gliozzi, Modeling Incommensurate Latties

Seth Greenspan, Probing the Photochemistry of Red Organic Dye Molecules with Single Molecule Spectroscopy

Patrick Grubbs, Comparing the efficacy of VA and SC BRDs on reducing terrapin bycatch

Stephen Gurley, Mutations in the C. elegans Kelch-like gene spe-26 disrupt the coordination of nuclear and cytoplasmic events during spermatogenesis

Anna Henshaw, Tonogensis in Korean

Cody Jones, Composed from the Closet: The Life and Music of Ingolf Dahl

Sarah Kinniburg, Medicalizing Juvenile Delinquency

Honor Leahy, No to Namaste: A Critical Assessment of Christian "Yogaphobia"

Emily Martell, Perpetrating the Great Moderation: From the Great Disinflation to Secular Stagnation

Sahil Mehrotra, European Political Polarization

Shahida Mizan, The Effects of Fetal Alcohol Exposure and Acute Alcohol Exposure on the Learning and Memory of Zebra Fish (Danio rerio)

Ryan Oppenheim, On the Covering Number of Symmetric Groups of Even Order

Nathanael Paige, Receiving Help from the Races

Ravi Pattapagala, Investigating the Role and Oscillations of NF-kB in Multiple Sclerosis: A Computational Model

Meghan Phillips, Animating Animals: Anthropomorphism in Animated Children's Films

Natalee Price, Emotion Socialization Predicting Adolescent Bullying, Victimization, and Prosocial Behavior

David Rice, To Kunshan and Back: Chinese Preferences on The Development of a "Smart" City

Anastasia Rivera, ケータイ小説って何?: Defining the Cell-phone Novel

Alexa Rosalsky, Hap-py not Ha-py: Causes of Ambisyllabic Consonant Lengthening in English

Daniel Rosenberg, Profiling Intra-Nuclear Autophagy in Mammalian Cancer Cell Lines

Mary Sell, The Response of US Hospitals to the 2014-15 Ebola Epidemic: An Evaluation of Three Virginia Healthcare Systems

Jisung Seo, Korean American Christians in Northern Virginia

Conor Smith, The Effect of Nostalgia on Imaginative Performance

Rick Stevenson, Shifting Demographics in Williamsburg Theatre

Evelyn Strope, W&M Cambridge: Studying and Exploring in Southern England

Quentin Ullrich, Real Consumer Language: A Corpus-Based Approach to Trademark Law

Kaelyn Warne, Probing the Photochemistry of Red Organic Dye Molecules with Single Molecule Spectroscopy

Jack Weaver, The German Regiment of Maryland and Pennsylvania

Alexander Williams, Vicarious fear learning: The role of empathy

Wednesday, September 28

POSTER PRESENTATIONS | Blow 201, 3:30-5:00 p.m.

Lyuba Bolkhovitinov,  Anterior-Posterior Neural Axis Plasticity in the Developing Central Nervous System of Xenopus laevis

Stephen Boscolo, Comparison of Personal Injury Law Between the U.S and Canada

Abigail Bradford, How Does A Daily "Dose" of Green Affect Mental and Physical Health?

Caroline Davis, AidData Summer Fellowship with the Affiliated Network for Social Accountability

Ryan DiRisio, Iron Polypyridyl Complexes for Hydrogen Generation

Emma Efkeman, Study of Iron Age II Daily Life In Ancient Israel

Mollie Gaines, Expressing Solitary Observation of Nature Through Painting

Shouron Ghassemlou, Complementary and Alternative Medicine Use in Western Youths

Rebecca Gilson, The Effects of Differntial Timing and Duration of Mercury Exposure on Beak Redness in Zebra Finches

Christina Howard, Exploring the Versatility of Unnatural Amino Acids

Austin Kalasky, Aerodynamic Analysis of the Mars Electric Reusable Flyer Prototype

Kristina Kelly, Mathematical Modeling of Sexually Transmitted Infections

Madeleine King, A Watercolor Showcase of Yosemite

Robby Kline, The Economic Impact of NFL and MLB Stadiums on American Cities

Rachel Layko, If Walls Could Talk: A Historical Look at Architecture in New Bern and Williamsburg

Ellen Longman, Negotiation and Bargaining at the London School of Economics

Caroline Martin, Which Neurons Produce Rhythmic Breathing? Development and Assembly of Dbx1-derived Neurons

Alexa Mason, Music and the Movement: Protest Music and the #BlackLivesMatter Movement

Brianna Meeks, Determining the Genetic Architecture of Yeast Plastic Adherence

Kayla Miller, PGC1a Expression in Rat Aorta with Exercise Training

Callan Monette, The Circuit Control Toolbox: Investigation and Manipulation of Genetic Transfer Functions within E. coli

Lindsey Morris, Buffyspeak: A Linguistic Analysis of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Unique Dialogue

Anna Nicholson, A History of a Translation

Caroline Payne, Cycles and Social Constructs in Thomas Hardy's Novels

Remington Pool, The Economics of Choosing and Changing Undergraduate Majors

Vail Prior, Victorian Visionaries: Painting the Pre-Raphaelites for the 21st Century

Mona Rasooly, Tuning the pKa of Fluorescent Rhodamine pH Probes via Substituent Effects

Kharis Schrage, Investigating intertidal zonation in soft sediment communities using hemichordates as a model system

Erin Smith, The Impact of Education Systems on Female Body Satisfaction

Sarah Stratton, Tuning the pKa of Fluorescent Rhodamine pH Probes via Substituent Effects

James Sylvester, Leyes de Moros

Leonor Taylor Grave, Words, War & Women: An Exploration of the Short Story in England (1900-1950)

Michael Testa, Rule-Making and Interest Group Influence: A Review of the Securities and Exchange Commission in the Wake of the Financial Crisis

Christopher Travis, Developing New Unnatural Amino Acids for Bioconjugation

Cody Turner, Panqualityism and Awareness: An Alternative Approach to the Problem of Consciousness

Sanjana Verma, Exploring Unnatural Amino Acids in Hyperthermophilic Proteins

Yuchen Wang, Computer-mediated contact

Johnny Willing, Natural Language Inspirations in Tolkien's Constructed Languages

Jacob Young, Ion Affinity of Prions with regards to Prion Diseases

Thursday, September 29

POSTER PRESENTATIONS | Blow 201, 3:30-5:00 p.m.

Jonah Abraham, Distributing Information to Women in Rural Tanzania

Annalise Ajmani, Mental Health among Pre-Professional Dancers

Neeraja Aravindan, Understanding the Role of Mathematical Models in the 2014 Ebola Virus Outbreak

Aaron Bayles, Photocontrol of pH via Doped Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticles

Tim Beck, Organic chemistry multistep synthesis

Eboni Brown, Creating Multicultural Curriculum in Secondary Social Studies Classrooms

Hannah Bruzzio, Particle interactions in the filter-feeding American Shad

Yuming Cao, The Effect of MK-STYX on the Localization of HDAC6

Anna Chahuneau, Pursuing the Monarchs

Wei Chang, Building Aging-in-Place Communities in Yokohama, Japan and Fairfax, Virginia, U.S.A.

Lindsay Chatkewitz, Photo-Regulating Protein Function Using Unnatural Amino Acids

Sarah Collier, Working the Garden: Women and Religion in Apocalyptic Fiction

Margaret Dene, War Studies at Cambridge University

George Denny, Light-Curve of Iris: An Asteroid in Graph Form

Jack Donahue, Modelling Nonlinear Acoustic Propagation in Sonic Crystals

Catherine Freund, Landscapes in Chilean Memoirs

Daniel Gildea, Drosophila Gene Driver Characterization and Screen Analysis

Peter Gordon, The Amphitheater in Roman Britain

Danielle Horridge, The Curious Case of OipA in Helicobacter pylori 


Emmaleah Jones, Where the Sidewalk Ends: Reimagining Slums, Informal Urban Settlement & Governance in Semarang, Indonesia

Tyler Jutz, A randomized, controlled, prospective study using an educational video to assess effect on anxiety during cast removal procedures in children

Sang Kim, Reducing water vapor permeability by incorporating graphene oxide into Epoxy and Acrylic systems

Teri Liu, Design of effective environmental science activities

Joseph Malanson, The Christian Right's Politics and Its Future

Rachel McCullough, Yiddish Language Project

Caehla McGeady, The Application of Cherokee Healing Practices and Physicianship for Modern Medical Practice

Cameron Murphy, Nation Without State: Causes of and Projections for Catalonia's Independence Movement

Francis Pham, In vivo optogenetic inhibition of preBötzinger Complex neurons in mice 

Elizabeth Ransone, The Effects of Anthropogenic Noise on Red-backed Fairywren Vocalizations

Rachel Rosenfeld, The Cinematic Legacy of Oscar Micheaux 

Brent Russell, A Comparative Analysis of Urban Education in the U.S. and U.K.

Matt Smith, Development of a Novel Grignard Experiment

Yonghao Wang, A Philosophical Investigation on the Metaphysics of Space and Time

Olivia White, 1,5-Benzodiazepine Educational Synthesis

Lauren Wood, Voyages and Homecomings in Imperial Greek Literature

Lauren Yi, Cloning and characterization of purinergic receptors in Xenopus laevis during development

Sikander Zakriya, U.S. State Building Efforts Post World War II

Taylor Zevanove, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team in Uganda

Julia Zuercer, Connecting Energy Metabolism and Neurodegeneration: Pyruvate Kinase and Oxidative Stress

Friday, September 30

ORAL PRESENTATIONS | Blow 201, 2:00-5:00 p.m.

2:00-2:30 | Sunny Heo, The Haves and the Have-Nots Children: An Exploration of Financial Mechanisms for Pre-K Education

2:30-3:00 | Hunter Gentry, Against Epistemic Responsibility 

3:00-3:30 | Lydia Brown, The Inarticulate Emotion of Rhythm: Essays and Other Writings 

3:30-4:00 | Heather Lawrence, "It kind of happens a lot": Erasure and Representation of the Intersection of Race and Gender in Young Adult and Children's Fiction

4:00-4:30 | James Leach, American Education Reform and the Humanism of Mathematics, 1900-1935

4:30-5:00 | Joshua Zimmt, Deciphering the past: studying the formation of the fossil record at the Calvert Cliffs