Interdisciplinary Degree Programs

The Charles Center is charged with the responsibility of  coordinating the Interdisciplinary Degree program at William & Mary.   The College of Arts and Sciences provides for interdisciplinary majors that fall into two categories:

  1. Self-Designed Major
  2. Structured Interdisciplinary Programs - majors and minors

Students pursuing an interdisciplinary major base their program upon a solid understanding of an established discipline, and must include courses from at least three departments, with no more than half of the credit hours from any one department.

All interdisciplinary programs must be compatible with the degree requirements for Arts and Sciences. Each major must fulfill the Major Writing Requirement and the Computer Proficiency Requirement. The Committee on Honors and Interdisciplinary Studies or the appropriate advisory committee must approve the designation of courses which fulfill the writing and computer proficiency requirements.

Students may also complete Interdisciplinary Honors Projects as well as Interdisciplinary Independent Study.

Forms for Interdisciplinary Programs