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 PDF Campus Map©

Campus Map PDF

This is the base map for all visitors to William & Mary.

The high quality press version of the campus map can be downloaded by clicking the image on the left.  It is 11 by 17 landscape with the map and key on one sheet.  A letter size map© (map) with the key on a second sheet (key) is also available.  We advise printing this map in color before visiting campus. Both maps are in pdf format, please use Adobe Reader version 9.2 or later. Both maps are 300 DPI. The 11 by 17 map has interactive layers, georeferencing, and the attribute data is accessible in the PDF document using the layer and analysis functionality. A Disability Services version of the map is also available.



Campus Map in ArcGIS

 Campus Map in ArcGIS

All approximately 60 layers can be downloaded for use in ArcGIS or other GIS software by selecting the image on the left. Advanced GIS users can access these data via SQL Server by requesting access from [[gis]]. Please note that the 6" raster imagery of campus and the derived 2ft contours are available to the W&M community by request only due to license restrictions. Soils, land use, geology layers and landsat imagery are all available from other sources.



Requests for new layers or changes to the campus map can be made by emailing [[gis]].  All requests for changes to the building layer (names, associations, numbers) must be sent from the Dean or VP associated with that building. Most campus map layers and 3D building designs will be proponent funded.